Australian news, and some related international items

The week’s nuke news in Australia

The New South Wales government hypocritically allows “exploration” for uranium , but not mining.  At the same time, its regulations on renewable energy are designed to prevent small scale wind energy from being able to develop.

Rare earths Australian rare earths company Lynas facing court in Malaysia over its inadequate radioactive waste plan, and strong public opposition.

Hifar nuclear reactor Greens Senator Ludlam continues to raise those inconvenient questions in Parliament – like where will they put Sydney’s dead Hifar nuclear reactor?

South Australia The Uranium State of  South Australia  shutting down all funding avenues for promoting renewable energy.

Cash for comment It’s revealed that Australian Climate change denialist  Professor Bob Carter receives a “monthly payment” of $US1667 ($1550) from the USA Heartland Institute  to “ publicly counter the alarmist [anthropogenic global warming] message”.

Uranium diseconomics Australian uranium company Paladin makes a huge loss, and a huge share price fall.

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