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The pro nuclear Thoughts of new Foreign Minister Bob Carr

“Australia has a theological objection to nuclear power. It’s illogical but deeply entrenched. Still polls have been moving and younger people are more open-minded than those who come of age politically in the 1980s. It remains the only serious base-load alternative to incinerating more coal.

One should applaud every move in India and China to try nuclear plants..

You need two things.

One, a longer term education campaign by a coalition of pro-nuclear industry, science, union and indigenous groups . Second, a Lib-Lab consensus.

A fourth generation reactor, with its high level safety and minimal waste ..”  Bob Carr

“Of course the O’Farrell Government is right to attempt legislation to permit uranium exploration in New South Wales.  I said this two months ago. The Federal Government has expanded uranium mining and opened exports to India. South Australia boasts what will become the world’s largest uranium mine“.  Bob Carr

March 3, 2012 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, politics

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  1. I may be missing something but isn’t the reason NSW is in such dire financial mess because of Bob Carr’s legacy of poor or even culpable financial mis-management.


    Comment by anthony carr | March 3, 2012 | Reply

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