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Computer bug collecting, by Australian govt spies

Australian spies buying computer bugs: sources, SMH, Cynthia Karena, March 8, 2012   Cyber criminals are not the only ones buying software flaws, say sources. The  Australian government is buying computer security weaknesses found by hackers before they are sold on the black market, as part of its defence strategy, claim those at the coal face of cyber security.

“The Australian government has developed these capabilities as part of ASIO, DSD [Defence Signals Directorate], CSOC [Cyber Security Operations Centre] and possibly others. But they are purely for research and defence,” says an Australian security consultant who wishes to remain anonymous.
He says while the government won’t admit it, buying vulnerabilities is an obvious part of “gathering intelligence”…..Stuxnet , a virus that is said to have crippled Iran’s nuclear arms program in 2010, exploited four zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows. Iranian authorities and security researchers believed the US and Israeli governments were behind the attack.

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