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Australia’s ex-ambassador reveals fears of “complete chaos” in Japan in March 2011

 Mr McLean revealed that Australia and other nations began compiling elaborate evacuation plans amid growing concern and uncertainly as the Fukushima plant began to explode.

The former ambassador confirmed Australia had evacuation plans in place but voiced the uncomfortable truth that, in reality, greater Tokyo (population 35 million) would have been almost impossible to evacuate.

Ex-ambassador frustrated by post-tsunami silence BY: RICK WALLACE, TOKYO CORRESPONDENT   The Australian March 10, 2012 AUSTRALIA’S former ambassador to Japan has told of his frustrations with the Japanese government for keeping its close partners in the dark about the extent of the damage to the Fukushima nuclear plant at the height of the crisis almost one year ago. Continue reading

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Cover-up of Fukushima facts, radiation, and secret nuclear reprocessing

Prime Minister Naoto Kan has yet to disclose the truth behind his more disturbing decisions: first, the absence of stenographers and voice recordings at his emergency Cabinet meetings;

The high-level cover-up and lab analysis of cesium-isotope ratios indicate the Japanese nuclear establishment was illegally involved in the reprocessing of weapons-grade uranium at Fukushima No. 1 and probably two other civilian nuclear plants in northern Japan.

The collaboration between Washington and Tokyo in a covert nuclear-weapons program was a violation of international law

The World is Powerless Against Fukushima Fallout, Hyphen Submitted by New America Media, March 8, 2012 by Yoichi Shimatsu ”……..Public at Risk From Official Silence At the molecular level inside a biological cell, gamma-ray bombardment rewrites the genetic code contained in the chromosomes, scrambling the elegant poetry of life into gibberish.

Since leukemia, cancers and birth defects can be falsely attributed to other disorders, the governments of North America, Europe and Asia along with international agencies can be counted on to remain silent or mount campaigns of misdiagnosis to protect their nuclear power and weapons programs, along with their food and travel industries. Bureaucrats, at heart and out of self-interest, are cowards. Continue reading

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Country, culture, and the resources boom

Gladys Milroy protecting country and culture through storytelling, ABC North West W.A. By Elise Batchelor, 9 March, 2012  Between the lines of this children’s book is a much bigger story about culture and country…… there’s a quiet achiever writing a powerful tale tackling big issues. The mining resources boom in northern Western Australia is such an issue. And Aboriginal elder Gladys Milroy, along with daughter Professor Jill Milroy, has written a story on the subject to charm and challenge children and adults alike….

the tale told of the relationship between these outback animals and dingo’s tree holds a far deeper wisdom. For it’s mining
which has plundered the landscape, destroying the balance between development and the natural environment. In reading the story, it’s therefore perhaps useful to remove one’s hard hat and wonder – how far is too far with the resources boom?…

…”Dingo’s Tree” is published by Magabala Books.  Gladys and daughter Jill Milroy, Dean of Indigenous Studies at the University of Western Australia, co-authored this tale born of manyvisits to their country out Nullagine, Marble Bar way.

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Riveting short video about Japan’s surfers- “We Are All Radioactive”

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Seen Through the Eyes of Local Surfers, THE ATLANTIC, MAR 9 2012,  We Are All Radioactive , a forthcoming documentary series, tells the story of one seaside community’s efforts to rebuild in the wake of the 2011 disaster. Motoyoshi, a small town and surf spot about 100 miles from Fukushima, was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami, and now it’s unclear how damaging the effects of the Fukushima meltdown  could be. We Are All Radioactive is a collaboration between Lisa Katayama , a journalist, and Jason Wishnow , a filmmaker, with the support of locals, who are contributing their own footage, and viewers, who are crowd funding the film .  Katayama and Wishnow traveled to Motoyoshi twice last year to document the recovery effort, and the multifaceted story grew beyond the bounds of a feature documentary to justify doing an entire series. They plan to release each new episode as soon as it’s fully funded, launching the first episode this Sunday on the one-year anniversary of the disaster. Katayama describes the development of the series in an interview below, and explains the funding process in this pitch video. Visit the IndieGoGo page for We Are All Radioactive  to support the series.

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Earth Hour March 31 – Canberra’s event

Flicking the Earth Hour light switch Canberra Times, Larissa Nicholson March 10, 2012 Earth Hour is fast approaching and the ACT government is urging Canberrans to switch off their lights on March 31. Earth Hour in Canberra will be held from 8.30 to 9.30pm, with some local restaurants holding special candlelit dinners. Last year 52 per cent of people in the ACT participated during Earth Hour, a greater proportion of the population than in any other Australian state.

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Protests against Serco – involved in nuclear weapons, as well as detention centres

Occupy protests target Serco, THE AUSTRALIAN, AAP March 09, 2012 A SERIES of protests have been held across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth against multi-national British services company Serco, which runs Australia’s immigration detention and other public facilities…… private firms such as Serco were not transparent, nor as accountable as government entities, and were more concerned with shareholder profits than responsible public service.

Serco made a pre-tax profit of Stg262.2 million ($391.9 million) on revenue of Stg4.64 billion ($6.94 billion) last financial year.m Its international services include everything from running public and private transport, to aviation, military and nuclear weapons
contracts, detention centres, prisons and schools….

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