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The Eco Whisper – small, silent wind turbine in operation in Geelong

New polish on the factory floor, The Age, Jo Chandler, March 16, 2012  Geelong manufacturer Austeng ticks many of the boxes nominated by industry gurus as crucial to survival in the globalised world. Is this modest firm the template for the future?……..

The latest proud product of their collective skills sits outside in the yard. It’s a prototype 21-metre high wind turbine, its blades whizzing silently in the breeze, generating 20 kilowatts of energy. It’s emblematic of the kind of future George is determined to be part of. He has put his money where his mouth is, buying back the Eco Whisper prototype that he had built for a renewable power company, and he estimates it will generate about a third of the energy required for his factory.
The turbine stands as a monument to how far the company has come, and
its determination to position itself to capitalise on the anticipated
demand for clean technology…..
ROSS George sees go-betweens – agencies which can help manufacturers
make connections with potential markets, as Rasmussen advocates – as
critical to industry survival.
His wind turbine project is a case in point. Austeng got its tilt at
the job through the Industry Capability Network gateway, which
provides a match-making service connecting businesses and suppliers.
Austeng will soon begin production on a first run of the wind turbines
– price tag $136,000 – while the owners of the technology, Renewable
Energy Systems Australia, feel their way into the market, their hopes
buoyed by the federal government’s announcement last month of an $800
million clean energy investment scheme to help industry make the

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