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Aboriginal protest against Muckaty nuclear waste dump stops traffic in Tennant Creek

Muckaty protest brings town’s traffic to a halt 05 Apr, 2012 AN impromptu protest staged by Muckaty traditional owners on Monday brought highway traffic to a halt.

The women, many in traditional body paint, rallied outside the Northern Land Council office in Paterson Street to reiterate the stand they have taken since their land was first nominated as a site for the Federal Government’s national radioactive waste dump.

“We do not want a nuclear dump on our land,” Bunny Nabarula said.

“We have always said ‘no’ and we mean ‘no.’ The Government needs to get this message because we are not ever going to change our mind.”

Lawyers representing traditional owners who have challenged the nomination of Muckaty faced the Commonwealth Government and Northern Land Council in the Federal Court in Melbourne last week.

After a two-day hearing the matter was adjourned with a trial date to be set next month.

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Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation competed unfairly against private company

Nuclear agency ‘breached competition rules’, ABC News, By business editor Peter Ryan April 05, 2012 Australia’s government-owned nuclear and scientific agency been has criticised for using its public ownership to win a contract to supply nuclear medicine to hospitals in New South Wales.

A report by the Productivity Commission has found that the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) breached some rules on competitive advantage when it beat a small private company, Cyclopharm Limited, in the multi-million dollar tender last year. Continue reading

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Sydney to get low carbon electricity network – cogeneration for energy efficiency

History made with Australia’s first low carbon energy network, Cogeneration and on site power production,, 05/04/2012 By Diarmaid Williams  Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore has hailed the groundbreaking new district energy system, which will link Sydney in the country’s first citywide low carbon network, and says has the potential to make Sydney one of the world’s leading green cities. “Our trigeneration network will give consumers a cleaner and cost-competitive alternative to the rising price of electricity,” the Lord Mayor said.

“This network could save NSW electricity consumers as much as $1.5 bn by 2030 in avoided or delayed spending on grid upgrades and new power stations. “It will help us deliver on our target to cut carbon emissions across the City of Sydney by 70 per cent by 2030 (on 2006 levels) – one of the most ambitious of any Australian government.” Continue reading

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It’s not over: Fukushima nuclear disaster goes from bad to worse

Such an event would cause widespread nuclear fallout throughout the region and force the government to evacuate the nearly 10 million residents of Tokyo and surrounding areas, a scenario which government emergency planners are now taking into serious consideration.

It’s Not Over: Government Plans for the Worst: Forced Evacuation of Tokyo. Mac Slavo SHTF, April 3rd, 2012  While it has for the most part disappeared from mainstream view, the Fukushima nuclear disaster is anything but over. In fact, the situation in Japan has gone from bad to worse.

Bottom line: There is no way to contain the radiation.

Even more alarming is that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other agencies have warned that the nuclear storage pools (the containment units that are being used to cool the nuclear fuel) have been damaged and may collapse under their own weight. Continue reading

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New technologies in wind energy

The Future of Wind Power: 9 Cool Innovations Treehugger, 6 April 12, Derek Markham   Wind power is a great way to
generate clean renewable energy, and the innovations in wind technology being pursued over the last year or so are a reminder that with the right tools, we can turn the movement of the air above us into fuel for our energy-hungry lifestyles.

1. Airborne Wind Turbines………

2. Power from Low Speed Winds:…..

3. Bladeless Wind Power:……

4. Wind Turbine Lenses:…….

5. Vertical Axis Turbines:…..

6. Quiet Wind Turbines:…..

7. Wind Power Storage:…..

8. Community-Owned Wind Power:….

9. Multipurpose Offshore Wind Turbines:….

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Stock analysis report shows the advantages of solar power, worldwide

In Australia, the solar industry is driven by several regulatory initiatives that support the installation of solar PV modules in both rooftop and free-field applications, including the federal government’s nationwide Renewable Energy Target, which has set a renewable energy goal for Australia of 20% by 2020. Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), both established in 2011, will begin implementation in 2012.  

Alternative Energy Stock OutlookApril 2012, By: Zacks Equity Research April 03, 2012 “……A worldwide industry association for solar photovoltaic electricity market, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) forecasts that the power generated from solar modules in Europe could be competitive in relation to conventional forms of energy by the end of the current decade. The major solar markets under survey were Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Britain…..
A major growth area in this space is Solar Energy…… Continue reading

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Small Modular Reactors – latest pipe dream to keep the nuclear industry alive

Small Modular Reactors, [SMRs] the latest “rabbit out the nuclear hat,” are generally based on scaled down BWR or PWR technology and illustrate the nuclear industry’s schizophrenic attitude to reactor size…. it was clear that the AP600 [small nuclear reactor] was hopelessly uneconomic…  SMRs may turn out to be the latest in a long line of nuclear designs that looked good on paper, but could not make the transition to commercial technology

Prospects for Nuclear Power in 2012, The Energy Report 2 April 12, “…….Technological Cul-de-Sac If plant life extensions can be achieved in France and the U.S. and Gen III+ does prove a blind alley, it raises the question of what options are open to the nuclear sector. Continue reading

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