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Australian Aborigines could run their own solar energy projects – better than being uranium miners

Amidst the brouhaha of the ABC’s weird documentary on beliefs about climate change, I thought of reviving my Flat Earth project.  The ABC would surely give me equal time.

But, more interesting – the Uranium Association’s pitch to give jobs to Aborigines. When I think about Aboriginal culture – how they belong to the land, their historic role of looking after the land, water, plants and animals, I can’t see uranium mining as being in any way a satisfying job , in such a culture.

I was struck by the comparison with what is happening in USA, where the government has awarded $6.5 million to spur renewable energy development on tribal lands.  The lands will not be destroyed, as they are with uranium mining.  The work will not be dirty and cancer-causing.  the Navajo will not be solely employees, but will own the business.  The projects will be set up on arid, or semi arid land.

Now why can’t Australia do the same kind of positive thing for its Aboriginal people, rather than leave them to function as servants and part of the spin of  the dirty, dangerous, uranium/nuclear industry?

April 27, 2012 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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