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Uranium, environmental issues, make strange political bed-fellows

Nuclear power, climate change, pollution , public health, our children’s future –   these are issues that rise above and beyond politics.

That’s a a fact that is quietly emerging.  It is a reason why I try to steer clear of party political views, and especially because of the occasional surprises.  In England, for example, there’s the Tory politician Zac Goldsmith – a firm opponent of nuclear power.

In Australia, today, there’s prominent businesswoman Eve Mahlab, a darling of the Liberal Party, speaking up for Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and for the public’s appreciation of renewabl energy.

And there’s supposedly Labor, Paul Howes, making it clear that everything, and particularly the environment, should be sacrificed for politcal gain – he seems to be further right than the Liberals.

And then there’s the record of  Bob Katter – notoriously far right-wing politician, speaking out against environmental pollution, and cover-ups in uranium mining.

May 14, 2012 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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