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Australia will NOT be getting radiation “backscatter” airport scanners.

Christina Macpherson, 6 June 12Contrary to a report in the Sun Herald today  (  the radiation hazards of “backscatter” scanning will not be hitting Australians at our airports.

Australia will be getting the safer type , see

Report on  Aviation Transport Security Amendment (Screening) Bill 2012

The report of the Committee into this Bill was issued last week, and recommended against back scatters for people.  While it may be possible some time in the future to use them for some special case, this is most unlikely.  Australia does not have the radiation type of scanner,  and it is highly expensive. The report can be read at .

  Additional Comments  from Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens
 1.1 The Australian Greens referred this bill to an inquiry because of the privacy and health concerns elaborated in several submissions.
1.2 While these issues have been examined in the Committee’s report and the government amendment prohibiting the storage and transmittal of images is welcome, the health problems experienced overseas with back-scatter scanners that use ionising radiation are serious enough to warrant more attention. These issues provide compelling reasons to reject outright the use of ionising backscatter x-ray equipment, rather than limit it to ‘certain clearly defined exceptional circumstances,’ (Recommendation 2), especially as other technology is available.
1.3 The EU has banned the use of backscatter body scanners because of the possible health risks to passengers and staff. They continue to be used in the USA where passengers have the right to request a frisk search as an alternative. Documents before a USA Federal Court indicate that the health implications of the use of this type of technology have been grossly understated by authorities. The presence of a cancer cluster at Logan Airport in Boston has been documented.
1.4 The Australian Greens support the Committee’s recommendation that frisk searches should continue to be an alternative to body scanners (Recommendation 1) and that the government should ensure that screening technology is thoroughly tested for compliance with health regulations (Recommendation 3).
1.5 The Australian Greens note that conducting inquiries ‘on the papers’ might appear to save time, however, clarifying the intention of proposed legislation with experts and Departments at public hearings saves numerous questions on notice and informal information seeking that were necessary in this case.

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  1. Australia already have backscatter scanners and the legislation passed last week allows the Australia government to utalise ANYTHING they want to use for screening. Open your eyes and read the legislation (as oppose to the BS spun by the Government).


    Comment by Andrew | August 19, 2012 | Reply

  2. We will not be returning to Australia due to the introduction of the bodyscanners. Anyone with replacement joints are forced to undertake a full body scan. After 19 years visting Australia twice / yearly we cannot now call it our second home. 😦 😦


    Comment by froxface | November 29, 2013 | Reply

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