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Majority of Australians oppose sale of uranium to India

‘Most Australians against Uranium sale to India’, Hindustan Times, Melbourne, June 05, 2012 The Australian government might have overturned a ban on uranium sale to India but a majority of people in the country still appear opposed to the idea of selling the mineral to New Delhi. In a new survey, a majority of Australians were found to be
against the recent Labor party decision of lifting ban on Uranium sale to India with 61% opposing it.

“More than 60% of Australians say they are against ‘Australia selling uranium to India’, with 39% saying they are ‘strongly against’,” according to the eight annual Lowy Institute poll 2012.

In December 2011, the Australian Labor Party had overturned a ban on the sale of uranium to India following a heated national conference debate.

The results were published by the Lowy institute Poll after a nationally representative opinion survey of 1,005 Australian adults was done……

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