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The week in nuclear news – Australia

Nuclear propaganda booming, even if nuclear industry is declining. Barry Brook comes out with magical prospects for Australia’s nuclear future.  Martin Ferguson spruiks for uranium mining in Queensland, but Premier Newman will stick to his electoral promise to keep uranium mining ban in Queensland.

BHP Billiton – interesting times, as its former wonder boy, CEO Marius Kloppers is at odds with investors, who are justifiably worried about BHP’s plan for big new Olympic Damn uranium mine, – its economic viability not looking good. But Tony Abbott pledges his troth to it.

Giant cuttlefish.  Australian Greens call for  a halt to industrial development, especially desalination plant, at Point Lowly, because of danger of extinction of this unique animal.

Carbon tax. As Minister Greg Combet points out, Australia is one of 30+ countries with carbon pricing, dispelling the claims made by Tony Abbott, as the start date for the tax, July 1, grows near.

Nuclear spin.  Apparently getting more desperate to convince Australians, the nuclear lobby touts the idea of small nuclear reactors to power  rural mining sites.

Western Australia  Conservation Council of WA  and Aborignal elder Glen Cooke lodge separate appeals against the EPA’s approval of Toro Energy’s planned uranium mine at Wiluna

Solar power- Giant solar energy project due to be operational near Broken Hill, by 2015. Solar PV on rooftops going ahead – and the electricity grids can cope with plenty more.

Wind power  Victorian and NSW governments out of step with community.  Clean Energy Council’s survey finds that 80% of Australians regard wind energy as not harmful to health.

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