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NSW govt excited about uranium exploration only, but oh no, not uranium mining?

Map shows the potential uranium mining area in NSW (yellow) 

Search for uranium looms closer, SMH, June 15, 2012 THE Energy Minister, Chris Hartcher, has called for
a ”rational debate” about uranium while saying the decision to lift the ban on exploration in NSW was not about providing an alternative energy source for electricity generation.
In February the Premier, Barry O’Farrell, announced the state government would overturn a 26-year-old ban on uranium exploration….
Mr Hartcher told a uranium conference in Adelaide yesterday the decision ”presents an exciting opportunity for NSW” and that the government looked forward to ”a vibrant uranium exploration industry”……

When the legislation is proclaimed, companies will have 60 days to seek consent from Mr Hartcher to apply for a uranium exploration licence. Applications will be assessed by a government ”technical panel” overseen by a probity auditor and those who are successful will be invited by Mr Hartcher to apply for an exploration licence for uranium or thorium in the same manner as other minerals. The system mirrors the one in place for companies wishing to apply for coal exploration licences in NSW……
The Greens MP Jamie Parker said the NSW public did not support the government’s decision.

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