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Solar panels the key to reducing electricity costs

Easing the pain: renewable energy a powerful solution, Origin Manly Daily, 20 JUN 12    RENEWABLE energy can ease the pain of rising electricity prices and the technology exists to power most of Australia, experts say.

Clean Energy for Eternity spokesman Warren Yates said households wanting to reduce power bills – predicted to rise by another 18 per cent in the next 12 months – should look at installing solar panels.

He said it took three to seven years to recoup the cost of the panels
which had a lifespan of 25 years.

He said his solar panels allowed him to draw about 6kW hours a day
from the grid to run a two-person household compared with the 20kW
hours per day that the average household used.

Mr Yates will be talking about the importance of communities
supporting renewable energy at an event tonight, to coincide with the
20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit.

Other speakers include Assoc Prof Mark Diesendorf of the University of
NSW’s Institute of Environmental Studies. He said he had undertaken a
computer simulation of the electricity market in the eastern and
southern states that showed demand in 2010 could have been met by
energy supplied with a combination of solar, wind, renewable gas
turbines and existing hydro.

He said as coal-fired stations were retired, they could be replaced
with renewable energy technology that was available now.

To meet demand he said about 12,000 wind turbines would be needed, as
well as five million solar photovoltaic systems and 48 gas turbines
fuelled by gas produced from crop residues.

The talk will also feature Beyond Zero Emissions Group’s Mark Ogge.

June 20, 2012 - Posted by | General News

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