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Solar panels in Australia- cutting mains electricity use and wholesale prices

Solar Panels Cutting Australia’s Mains Electricity Consumption  by Energy Matters Results of a study released earlier today show energy efficiency efforts and home solar power installations are reducing Australia’s mains grid supplied electricity consumption – and wholesale electricity prices too. Continue reading

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Tony Abbott tells Liberals they must support the Renewable Energy Target

Tony Abbott forced to quell backbench climate rift BY: SID MAHER   The Australian June 20, 2012 TENSIONS have erupted in the Coalition over a key climate change policy less than two weeks before the introduction of the carbon tax from July 1.

…….the Opposition Leader told the partyroom that people saw generating renewable energy as an important issue and the Coalition had to commit to it………….. Under the RET, first introduced by the Howard government and supported by both sides of parliament, 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity will be sourced from renewable energy sources by 2020. The scheme is designed to subsidise the development of renewables – particularly wind farms – to speed their commercialisation and lower their technology costs. Continue reading

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The “White Male Effect” in Finland (Australia too?)

Where to put nuclear waste?  e! science news, , June 19, 2012 Researchers in Finland have found that acceptance of the site of a spent nuclear fuel repository can depend on gender and economic background. Writing in the International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, the team reports that affluent men more often have a positive opinion on the location of such facilities than women or disadvantaged people.

While the actual quantities of nuclear waste around the globe are relatively small, the disposal or storage of such materials remains a controversial and sensitive issue and one that is likely to grow if more nuclear power plants are built. Matti Kojo of the University of Tampere and Mika Kari and Tapio Litmanen of the University of Jyväskylä have recently canvassed and analyzed local opinion on the siting of a nuclear waste repository in the municipality of Eurajoki, Finland. They have demonstrated what they refer to as a “white male effect” associated with acceptance of such facilities close to a residential area…..

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Nuclear facilities – the perfect terrorist target – especially in Russia

The destruction of a nuclear power plant has the potential to cause much more harm to a country than any other energy facilities.

Russia’s Dangerous Nuclear Legacy – Analysis Eurasia Review, By: Richard Rousseau June 18, 2012“……Of all known sources of energy, nuclear energy entails the highest destructive potential. In the age of terrorism, nuclear power plants are possible prime and high-profile targets for terrorist and transnational criminal groups.

The nuclear threat poses a very specific problem for the world, whether it is the acquisition of
plutonium and highly enriched uranium, acts of sabotage or attempted sabotage at a nuclear facility, or the intensive use of radioactive materials for the fabrication of “dirty” bombs. Continue reading

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European Court of Human Rights – the next step in UK nuclear veterans’ fight for justice

Right to the top: Britain’s nuclear test veterans take battle for justice to Europe
Victims of Britain’s ­nuclear tests are to take their fight for justice to the European Court of Human Rights.

More than 1,000 veterans of the atomic bomb tests carried out in the South Pacific in the 1950s are to ask judges in Strasbourg to rule on their ­demand for a trial accusing the Ministry of Defence of exposing them to radiation.

The veterans and their families claim they have since ­suffered from a catalogue of rare medical conditions, as well as miscarriages and birth defects, but courts here have banned hearings into most of their cases.

But now, as Prime Minister David Cameron comes under repeated fire for ignoring the terms of the Military Covenant which pledges to look after our servicemen, the vets are asking Europe to intervene. Continue reading

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