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Electric cars – no greenhouse emissions IF POWERED BY RENEWABLE ENERGY

Electric cars silently make a charge in trial , The Age, Adam Carey June 23, 2012 YOU might not see it coming – and you certainly won’t hear it coming – but the day when electric cars start to appear on our roads could be just around the corner.
Small, speedy and near silent, there are just 100 or so electric cars on the road in Victoria now, the Department of Transport says. About half of them are being used in a trial it is doing to learn more about how people might use them here.
One-hundred-and-eighty households and 60 organisations are being given a three-month loan of an electric car during the trial, which is due to wrap up in 2014…..
People in the electric car industry accept price is a sticking point. The Nissan Leaf, which went on sale in Australia this week, retails for $51,500. But about $15,000 of the cost is in the rechargeable

.. the cars release no direct carbon emissions, and potentially zero emissions if powered by renewable energy.

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