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Carbon tax: companies will act to save money by polluting less

Tax a chance to lead on pollution Matt Johnston : Herald Sun June 25, A TAX on the carbon dioxide that big businesses pump into the atmosphere is designed to clean up Australia’s environment.

The $23-a-tonne “price tag” on pollution, which starts on July 1, is an incentive for companies to pollute less, because then they will pay less.    – subscription only

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Ever subservient to USA, Australia’s Foreign Minister ducks and weaves, pretending to support Julian Assange

Diplomatic cables released under freedom of information legislation show that in December 2010 the Australian embassy in Washington reported to Canberra that WikiLeaks was the target of an ”unprecedented” US criminal investigation focussed on possible espionage charges 

Mr Assange observed that it was “fascinating to note that the government is at odds with popular opinion; it’s not acting in its electoral interests – which makes one wonder what interests it’s really serving.”

Assange seeking US legal guarantee, The Age, Philip Dorling June 25, 20 JULIAN Assange hopes his bid for political asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London will elicit diplomatic guarantees that he will not be prosecuted by the United States on espionage and conspiracy charges.
However, Foreign Minister Bob Carr yesterday renewed the Australian government’s strong criticism of WikiLeaks and indicated support for Mr Assange will remain limited to routine consular assistance Continue reading

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UK landowners keen to farm wind and sun, for economic and energy security

The additional revenue and income stream that can be generated for landowners and developers by selling the renewable energy generated – mainly electricity, into the grid has become an increasingly attractive prospect. 

UK: Concern about energy security ‘sparks rise in interest in developing renewable schemes’ EADT 24, UK , June 24, 2012  Growing concern about climate change and energy security has sparked the country-wide development of renewable energy facilities and commercial interest from landowners and developers, says surveyors’ organisation RICS. Continue reading

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45,000 rally in Tokyo against nuclear reactors restarting

Protests in Japan Over Nuclear Plant Restarts, By Jack Phillips Epoch Times 24 June 12, Tens of thousands of Japanese people took to the streets over the weekend in Tokyo and Osaka to protest the government’s plan to restart two reactors in Fukui Prefecture—the first restarts since all nuclear facilities were shut for inspection after last year’s tsunami-triggered and nuclear disaster.

“The government’s decision (to reactivate the Oi reactors) is folly. We should not leave it to the next generation to solve the energy issue,” a 42-year-old woman from the city of Kofu told the Japan Times, and was joined by 45,000 other people at a rally in Tokyo Friday…..

“They are trying to scare us by saying power supplies may run out even if the reactors are restarted,” one protester was quoted as saying….. There were also protests at Japanese consulates on Pacific Coast and in the U.S. cities of San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon .

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Fukushima and the danger of typhoons, tornadoes

Fukushima plant faces typhoon summer with added tornado threat, Fuel Fix June 22, 2012 Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501)’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant faces its second typhoon season since the March 11 disaster last year, raising the risk of further radiation leaks if storms thrash exposed pools of uranium fuel rods or tanks holding contaminated water. Continue reading

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