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Switch it off and pocket the carbon tax compensation.

30 simple ways to beat the carbon tax,TANYA HAABC  26 JUN 2012 Switch it off and pocket the carbon tax compensation. Catherine McAloon (ABC Local) The price on carbon begins on Sunday. While only the top carbon-emitting companies and organisations are affected by the $23 price tag on each tonne of carbon emitted, the cost will filter down to all of us through our electricity bills. At the same time electricity prices are set to increase due to increased infrastructure costs. Householders around Australia are bracing themselves for a double hit to the hip pocket. ……    To help those least able to cope with the energy price increases from the carbon tax, the government will provide a compensation and assistance package. This means clever Australians who find a way to cut their energy bills can pocket the compensation.

Here’s our list of 30 easy ways to cut your energy bills and keep your compo cash for more enjoyable activities.

Appliances ….. Cooking…… Gadgets…. Lighting…. Keeping warm…. Hot water…. Staying cool…. Stuff….

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