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Carbon tax essential for Australian superannuation funds’ $700 billion renewable energy investment

Greens attend energy forum, Wauchope Gazette, 27 Jun, 2012, THREE of the four Greens council candidates attended the Renewable Energy Forum, held at the Glasshouse recently. The event was organised by the Nature Conservation Council and Australian Conservation Foundation, and follows other informative climate change related events, such as the forum last year by Professor Ross Garnaut.

Lead Greens candidate, Mr Ian Oxenford said, the highlight of the evening was the ‘revelation’ from the keynote speaker, Nathan Fabian, representing the Investor Group on Climate Change, a consortia of Australia’s leading superannuation funds, that Australian based superannuation funds have $700 billion of renewable energy investments for Australia.

The future of these investments depends on a long term effective price on carbon. “Mr Fabian said that without certainty of carbon price, investors will have no choice but to direct these funds to offshore investments,” Mr Oxenford said.

“This should ring alarm bells to those praising the threats of the Federal Leader of the Opposition to scrap the ‘carbon tax’ (sic) if he is elected Prime Minister next year.”…..
the representative from the Federal Department of Climate Change said
council could take advantage of grants for methane capturing
technology in solid waste, and may be able to use this methane as an
energy source for electricity generation.

“This would also remove any carbon pricing penalties and indeed be a
step in the right direction for the new council to be elected in
September,” he said.

“Local photovoltaic (PV) installer and electrical engineer, Stuart
Watson, spoke of past and present difficulties with the industry due
mainly to the uncertainty of feed-in tariffs for the householder with
PV panels.

“Nevertheless, household PV is the best current method for
householders to be involved in the renewable energy revolution with PV
panel wholesale prices now down to record lows of one dollar per
watt,” said Mr Oxenford.

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