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Massive anti nuclear protest: 100,000 rally outside Japan Prime Minister’s home

Huge Tokyo Rally Protests Nuclear Restart By MITSURU OBE And ELEANOR WARNOCK, WSJ, June 29, 2012, TOKYOTens of thousands of people protested against the nation’s first nuclear reactor restarts at the Japanese prime minister’s residence Friday, in one of the largest demonstrations since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant last year set off wide opposition to nuclear power.

The massive demonstration was called to protest a government decision to restart Sunday two reactors at the Oi plant in western Japan. It was the 14th demonstration organized by a coalition of anti-nuclear groups outside the premier’s residence since March 29. Organizers estimated the number of participants to be more than 100,000. The National Police Agency, which also releases estimates, was unavailable for comment. The looming restart of the two Oi reactors, a decision
made by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s administration amid power-shortage concerns, seems to have galvanized support for Friday’s demonstration.

The sidewalks in front of the prime minister’s office and near the Parliament were overflowing with protesters. Some participants carried handwritten signs, while others held aloft elaborate placards reading “No Restarts.” For more than two hours the crowd kept up a rhythmic cheer of “Against the restarts, against the restarts, against the restarts.”….

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