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Australian Renewable Energy Agency Board – $3.2 billion to develop renewable energy

Get energetic on wind, solar    1 July 12,    IT’S time for Australians to start taking renewable energy such as solar and wind more seriously, says Hobart engineer Jane Sargison. Dr Sargison has been appointed to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency Board which, from today, will oversee $3.2 billion in Federal Government funding for renewable energy research and development.

The Rhodes scholar has recently worked on projects including helping
Rolls Royce improve the efficiency of its gas turbine engines and has
worked as a lecturer at the University of Tasmania. She is now a
co-director of JSA Consulting Engineers. Dr Sargison said the jury was
still out on the extent to which renewable energy could replace coal
but “we can do a lot more than we are doing now”.

She said the renewable energy industry’s challenge was to engineer
technologies that were cheap enough to compete against coal.

She said wind and solar were getting close and wave, geothermal,
biomass and algal biofuels were coming on strong. She said the
question of what happened when the wind did not blow and the sun did
not shine was tackled using heat storage, battery and fuel cells
technologies, that could be drawn on during the lean periods.

Tasmanian Senator Lisa Singh said Dr Sargison’s appointment reflected
years of dedication to renewable energy.

Dr Sargison was this year named Engineers Australia National
Professional Engineer of the year.

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