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Australia’s economy will continue to grow, with carbon price in place

 Australia’s clean energy future, 4 Traders 1 July 12  “…….Today we take the next steps the country needs to make to keep our economy competitive, to protect our environment and to provide a cleaner Australia for future generations.
The scientific advice is that the planet is warming and it is imperative that we cut greenhouse gas emissions. The economic advice is that a carbon price is the cheapest and most efficient way to reduce carbon pollution.

A carbon price will create incentives for large emitters to reduce carbon pollution. It will start transforming our economy to clean energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal and natural gas…

.. The Government is also supporting jobs and competitiveness in industries with high emissions and strong international competition. The most emissions-intensive and trade-exposed industry activities are shielded from 94.5 per cent of the carbon price – meaning their effective carbon price is less than $1.30 a tonne.

This will preserve international competitiveness while maintaining incentives to invest in cleaner technologies. A carbon price is a responsible economic reform. Treasury modelling shows the economy will continue to grow with a carbon price in place – 1.6 million new jobs will be created to 2020 and new industries in clean technology and renewable energy will be created.

Today also marks the commencement of the Climate Change Authority and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.
The Climate Change Authority will make recommendations on pollution caps to apply when the carbon price moves to a flexible priced emissions trading scheme in 2015.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will provide grants and financial assistance for projects with a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to make them more cost competitive.

ARENA will administer $3.2 billion in existing Government support for research and development, demonstration and commercialisation of renewable energy technologies.–14394467/

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