Australian news, and some related international items

The past week in nuclear news: Australia

Muckaty nuclear waste dump plan to meet increasing opposition, as Australian groups, especially unions,  support traditional owners’ legal action against the plan. Meanwhile Tony Abbott is happy about the plan – saying that “local concerns have to give way to the national interest”

Aborigines. To a deafening silence from the Australian mainstream media, Senate – Labor and Liberal unite in passing new Northern Territory Intervention, judged discriminatory by Aboriginal groups, human rights groups, and lawyers.  Michael Anderson leads a national Aboriginal movement to stop Aborigines being deceived out of their land.

Carbon tax began on July 1st – to an avalanche of negative media, and negative Liberal campaigning .  Climate Institute estimates the carbon tax could create up to 32,000 clean-energy jobs by 2030 Superannuation funds investing in renewabel energy, as carbon tax gives the incentive. Tony Abbott promises doom and gloom, and vows to repeal carbon tax legislation.

Pro nuclear propaganda. Barry Brook and pro associates from South Australia push for nuclear reactors (and indeed, the whole nuclear fuel cycle) for Australia

Renewable Energy : Australian Renewable Energy Agency Board starts off, overseeing funding for renewable energy research and development. Aborigines and solar company join forces to bring solar energy projects to regional Western Australia.  New wind farm for Barossa Valley would power about 68,000 homes a yea.r  Wave energy for Victoria, with world’s biggest wave energy turbine.

Julian Assange. Australia’s foreign minister contradicts the evidence, in asserting that USA does not plan to try Assange for espionage.

Rare earths. Globe company to mine rare earths in Mozambique, but sen dthem to China for processing, as Australian company Lynas’ plans for reprocessing rare earths  in Malaysia go awry

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