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Prime Minister Gillard holding firm on climate change action, rejecting nuclear power

Julia Gillard answers your questions about the carbon tax in live blog Annika Smethurst   Herald Sun July 05, 2012
PRIME Minister Julia Gillard answered tough questions on the carbon tax in an exclusive live blog with Herald Sun readers today. The Prime Minister tackled questions on nuclear power, pension increases and the controversial carbon pricing scheme for an hour….

Ms Gillard reiterated her stance not to resort to nuclear energy due to the country’s wealth in alternative energy
sources such as wind, sun, tidal and geothermal energies. “What nation on earth has more access to abundant renewable energy sources than  us? A clean energy future makes sense for our nation?” she said.

Ms Gillard also assured readers Australia’s economy and employment would continue to grow based on the country’s advantages in renewable energy….. Ms Gillard said that around the world other nations were moving to cut carbon pollution with Australians joining 850 million people around the world who live with a carbon pricing. “500 million Europeans live with carbon pricing and 200 million Chinese. And then there are nations like South Korea and Mexico
deciding to price carbon,” she said….

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