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Olympic Dam copper/uranium mine is an economic flop: BHP will try to blame this on the protestors

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who care about Australia’s environment, and about our children’s future are heading for South Australia’s Olympic Dam mine, to voice their peaceful protest against the dirty, dangerous, nuclear/uranium industry.

They will be met by mounted police, police on dirt bikes, and by the police STAR group. This is the special anti-terrorist unit  –  Special Tasks & Rescue Force. While STAR Group officers rarely have to fire their weapon, there have been some incidents in which STAR group officers have fired upon an armed suspect and killed their target as per operation guidelines.

What will be the outcome of this peaceful protest? How comfortable BHP BIlliton will be – if somehow it can be made to look like a violent, anti patriotic gathering?

Of course, BHP would love to blame the dwindling prospects for Olympic Dam going ahead –  not on their own gargantuan fantasy about the world’s biggest man-made hole, but on these anti nuclear protestors.

Marius Kloppers, BHP BIlliton, even their disgraceful lackey,  South Australian government know that the real reason for the gloomy forecast for big new Olympic Dam mine is that it’s not going to be a profitable investment. – Christina Macpherson

July 10, 2012 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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