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Media hungry for “violence” – but anti uranium protest remains peaceful and colourful

from David Bradbury 8 p.m. 16  July So back from Day 3, demo at the Gates. Permission not granted for Uncle Kevin and us mob to push the Lizard vehicle symbolizing Kalta and the Dreamtime story to the mine entrance. Uncle Kev who was very tired from the argy bargy of yesterday stayed back at camp.

The demo which was very colorful then set off with police permission for the entrance gates to Olympic Dam. Singing, chanting Leave it in the ground etc characterized the march. Plus ‘outrageous’ costumes which makes it feel like Mardi Gras.

A bit of young male testosterone energy kicked in for a short while when six or seven younger men pushed the outside gate till the padlock broke. But there was another heavy duty steel gate behind that. And a line of police. The energy of the young men was exciting and palpable. The crowd energy started to lift. More police dressed in different uniform, in brown ran quickly forward from hiding inside the mine.

Then an alert woman stepped in and reminded them that the collective group decision was no violence. Let’s not give the tv cameras the ‘rioting protestors’ image they want desperately to get.

Most media are likely to pull out after today. But their cameras were rolling on the gate rocking. What they love. It will undo all the good publicity and peaceful, creative view to date in the media. (we are constantly being buzzed overhead by the police chopper back in camp now.)

Cameras on board spying on us down below. I dont know how true it is but several people have said the police have planted sophisticated listening mikes in our camp that can pick up whats said. Most of it very mundane conversation or music. Round and round it goes burning up thousands of dollars of taxpayers money and mega litres each pass of aviation fuel. What this exercise has cost the state, the mind boggles. Day ended with street theatre, dance and song. No arrests.


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