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Lizard’s revenge – David Bradbury’s daily notes on Olympic Dam anti uranium protest

I am a physician to the people, but you (the protestors at the Lizard’s Revenge camp site) you are physicians to a dying planet – Dr Helen Caldicott.

From David Bradbury 19 July Benny got out last night to round of applause. Fire ceremony with Uncle Kevin thanking everyone for coming.

Iris just been arrested. Going into Roxby lockup now.

Racing to protest camp. Got call just now that somehow the Lizard vehicle they wouldn’t let us take on road three days ago is on the road to mine. Cops will be pissed.

From David Bradbury 18 July Helen addresses the camp this last day. Sitting next to Uncle Kevin she said how the Lizards Revenge has inspired people all around Oz in our fight to save a dying planet. Very inspiring exchange here just now.

From David Bradbury 18 July The big day has arrived for us! Helen Caldicott is in flight as we speak headed for Roxby. We’ll pick her up midday and straight to the town meeting. Starts 1pm. Hard to know how it will go. Definitely a buzz in this town of 3-4,000 about her coming. One gets a sense some will come as result of watching When the Dust Settles. And Helen’s street cred, though many have never heard of her. Others cannot afford in their terms to hear the truth. It will cost them too much to throw in their jobs and move out.

And it’s likely the company will send its spies there to note who attends as they’ve done in the past. Roxby is a small town where everybody knows each other. Those arrested who do not want to live upto the stringent bail conditions eg stay
indefinitely away from the protest, have been shipped off to Port Augusta 270kms away and kept in the cells overnight. They will face court today. They include long term activist Benny Zables, the Masked Radiation Man.

from David Bradbury 17 July Thirteen arrests today. Six this morning for an “illegal cricket game” on the local football oval near protestors camp. Seven for an action this afternoon in which mounted police and horses were used and objects allegedly thrown. Tensions rising between cops and demonstrators. Thirteen being charged now. Not sure they will seek bail as bail conditions too strict eg stay away from protest camp.

from David Bradbury 5 p.m.   15 July  Impasse. The police won’t allow Uncle Kevin to have the decked out Kalta Giant Lizard car with him at the wheel pushed fwd down the road to the BHPB Gates of Hell.

A peaceful ‘Zombie’ parade with the Lizard and people in all their colorful dress. Like Zombies. Just a bit of harmless fun. But cops say No. Kalta cannot leave the camp dirt road.

Kevin has asked to speak to senior police officer and genuinely aggrieved not allowed to have the Lizard vehicle in the parade. Cops being cops. “What part of No! don’t you understand. Group of about 150 moved forward to police line on public tar road. Stalemate. Protestors annoyed, Kevin playing waiting game. But night and cold might kick in first. People respectful of Kevin’s wishes. Not going to push past cops at this stage as Day 2 Lizards Revenge turns to dusk in this ancient landscape of ours.

Lizard’s Revenge –  music and arts festival getting underway today

from David Bradbury  14 July Uncle Kevin [Buzzacott] says we haven’t even started bouncing the ball in the court yet. He won a significant victory in Court yesterday when the judge reversed the order that he didn’t have to pay legal costs even though he lost the first round of the legal challenge to stop the open cut expansion of Olympic Dam.

The other important point from Uncle Kevin today was his declaration of land that Arabunna people were recently given Native Title over…Kevin today declared it a sovereign state. Which means he won’t allow any mining to take place.”For 40,000 years we’ve never destroyed or dug up anything from this land.”

Uncle Kevin criticised the police for being so paranoid for supporting the greedy, rich people. “John Wayne’s cowboys”, Kev called the police control of us all so far “a real waste of taxpayers money that is terrorizing little kids that have never seen this sort of intimidation and violence before.” “BHP is the real criminals here and they are the ones who should be behind bars creating Fukushima and other such catastrophes,” Uncle Kevin said.

from David Bradbury  14 July  Day 1 at the Gates of Hell. Generation Y and us Baby Boomers/Grey Power let lose at the entry gates to Olympic Dam. No arrests. Good, defiant vibe. AcDc, Public Enemy and Rage Against The Machine providing the background music. ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Dirty Deads BHP…”

from David Bradbury  14 JulyRoadblocks, drug and alcohol tests, car searches and inspections, including defecting vehicles… anything to stop the flow of consciousness raising by this weekend’s protest, The Lizard’s Revenge at the Olympic Dam mine in Roxby Downs. BHP have ordered the public road closed and by a new law has it classified as a Protected Security Zone. Does our tax dollars really need to be spent like this? Police protecting big mining instead of the general public….


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