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Time for SA Govt to find some true Olympic spirit – don’t extend Olympic Dam contract

The Weatherill Government must clearly state there will be no extension on the contract to expand the Roxby mine, says Greens Parliamentary Leader Mark Parnell.

The call comes as speculation increases that BHP Billiton will not make a decision on the Olympic Dam Mine Expansion until after the December 15 deadline set out in the Indenture agreement negotiated last year.  In yesterday’s Sunday Mail, ex Treasurer Kevin Foley said the Government should force BHPB to stick to the deadline.

“The SA Government is chasing its Olympic dream – the only problem is the other side is simply not playing fair,” said Mr Parnell. “There is an iron clad contract between the South Australian Government and BHP Billiton.  Both sides knew the rules when they signed this agreement – including the 12 month deadline.

“If giving BHP Billiton everything they wanted was an Olympic sport, the SA Government would win a gold medal.  They have already rolled over enough on environmental standards, local jobs and royalties.

“It’s time for Premier Weatherill to take a stand. Kevin Foley is dead right on the ODX deadline: ‘a deal is a deal, you break it at your peril’.

“If BHP Billiton refuses to commit by December, the SA Parliament must be given another opportunity to renegotiate a better deal for South Australia.

“Premier Weatherill must stand firm against BHP Billiton and say his Government will not accept an extension on this already ridiculously over-generous contract,” he said.


August 6, 2012 - Posted by | General News

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  1. this is good news right?
    if BHPB are stalling on this project, then it can be stopped surely? if they violate the contract, we can tear it up and stop this horrible mining. this is a success right? where’s the champagne? the anti-nuclear message is getting through at last.

    Comment by damien | August 7, 2012 | Reply

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