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In 2012 a tipping point in the change to renewable energy for Australia

We’ve hit energy tipping point: Flannery  THE AUSTRALIAN, AAP August 14,  CLIMATE change campaigner Tim Flannery says 2012 will be seen as a tipping point in the fight against rising carbon dioxide levels.

Advances in clean energy technologies, increasing global investment, the drop in price of those technologies and growing public support point to the dawn of the clean energy era, Australia’s chief climate commissioner says.

“Global investments in renewable power and fuels has increased six fold since just 2004, standing today at about $257 billion,” Professor Flannery told a Committee for Economic Development of Australia function in Melbourne on Tuesday.

“We’re seeing investment in renewables now outpacing those of fossil fuels. “Some of these trends have only become evident in the last 12 months. I don’t think they’re going to go away and I think we’ll see this as the moment when things really started to move.”

Prof Flannery said the 75 per cent drop in the cost of producing solar panels over the past four years, and the subsequent take-up rate in Australian homes was evidence of the change locally….. “(Look at) Germany, with it’s 25 gigawatts of solar power, where the very best sunlight you get in Germany is about as good as our worst here in Australia – we have huge potential in that area.”


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