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Wikileaks revealed how Australia joined USA in scheming against Mahomet El Baradei

US, Australia schemed against IAEA chief: cable BUSINESS RECORDER  The United States and Australia schemed unsuccessfully in 2005 to block Mohamed ElBaradei’s election to a third term as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, a newly leaked US diplomatic cable shows.

Both countries were unhappy with ElBaradei’s “unhelpful” response to Iran’s nuclear program, but the bid to prevent his re-election to the nuclear regulatory agency’s leadership ultimately failed for lack of international support.

The February 18, 2005 State Department cable released by WikiLeaks
Tuesday opens a window into the effort, describing a lunch
conversation between Australian officials and a US special envoy for
nuclear non-proliferation, Jackie Sanders. The cable spotlights US and
Australian concerns over the Egyptian diplomat’s interpretation that
Iran had a “right” to civilian nuclear power, and his reluctance to
declare Iran in non-compliance with the nuclear Non-Proliferation

Australian officials said there weren’t the 12 votes on the IAEA board
of governors needed to deny ElBaradei reelection, “but that did not
stop them from speculating on ways to try to prevent his re-election,”
said the cable. John Carlson, then head of Australia’s nuclear
safeguards agency and one of the officials at the lunch, said Canberra
strongly supported limiting IAEA chiefs to two terms, according to the
cable. …….

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