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Be wary that BHP might push for further environmental concessions for Olympic Dam uranium site

The Guardian Australia 29 Aug 12, “………South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill is also doing his best to sound optimistic in the light of the Olympic Dam decision. Though his predecessor Mike Rann signed a shamefully generous indenture agreement with BHP Billiton in December last year, it wasn’t enough to satisfy international capital. BHP may use the current unsettling situation to press for the bending of the environmental rules to allow for the speedy introduction of the
notorious acid leeching extraction method at the site….
Abbott will step up the anti-union assault even further than Gillard to deliver the conditions transnational investors want.

Lost in all of these events and threatened changes are the wishes and needs of the Australian people. They don’t want a future dependent on exports of uranium to countries like the US where they enable the production of nuclear weapons and depleted uranium shells. They don’t want the wishes of the Aboriginal people ignored or the environment sacrificed to boost the bottom line of transnational corporations.
They don’t want to have to beg profit-bloated transnationals to make a suitable tax contribution out of the fortunes still being made out of resources that rightfully belong to the whole people. They want a sustainable, pro-people economy….

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