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ABC Radio interview: Alice McCleary spruiks for nuclear power, nuclear waste dump in South Australia

Alice Mc Cleary from Uranium SA appears to not understand the question of toxic wastes.  Hers is an extraordinary point of view, in the light of  the continuing slide in uranium prices.

No surprise that Ben Heard, from the Barry Brook nuclear lobby cheer squad, appeared. Ian Henschke  (ABC interviewer) seems unaware that in fact the Barry Brook clique are the ONLY environmentalists in Australia known to be pro nuclear.

I note with amusement that McCleary mentioned “emotion” three times in this discussion –   that naughty feeling that we must eliminate.  Hes is  a point of view that would not go down well with many cancer victims, and with those who have recently visited Fukushima, or Chernobyl.

The silly part about it all is that the new nuke promoters are all for nuclear reprocessing, and Thorium reactors – and they need very little uranium.

Uranium fuelled nuclear reactors are so last century now.

BHP knew when to get out.

Should South Australia go nuclear? 13/09/2012 ABC Radio Adelaide,  PM by john Thompson-Mills Despite safety fears and environmental concerns, would switching to nuclear power benefit South Australia in the long run? Alice McLeary is the chairman of Uranium SA and she says it is time South Australians had a rational debate about going nuclear.

891 Mornings host Ian Henschke spoke to Alice from the Royal Adelaide Show and took calls from some very passionate listeners.

Christina’s notes from audio:

Alice McCleary We need to start the debate. Include nuclear option. Let the market decide. At the moment nuclear power would not be economic in Australia. Carbon tax designed to eliminate fossil fuels. For baseload power nuclear should be one of those things to talk about. Uranium SA exploring South of Whyalla

 Presenter doesn’t  think that wind farms are particularly efficient.

McCleary There’s been a lot of emotion, a lot of scare mongering.  No source of energy provides a free lunch.

 Question:  what is her position on nuclear waste?

Presenter:  there are now nuclear power plants that have minimal waste?

McCleary:  research being done to use 100% of enegy, (?no waste?) We can earn by creating a nuclear waste repositary in South Australia.

Nothing is free. Wind power has all sorts of issues. I’m calling for an unemotional debate about the options.

 Caller:  uranium mining is a crime against humanity.  Everyone in Sweden was exposed. Grandkids, twins – dead in womb – autopsy found no apparent reason.  I say – poison from Fukushima. I’m sorry to be emotional.

Presenter:  talking about fallout – something much more deadly

McCleary ;  those were very old technologies, Fukushima, Chernobyl.  I’m trying to get some of the emotion out of it.   We should look at the scientific evidence.  Current pollution [from coal] is an issue.

 Presente. David Evan{?} saying before 9 that manny in parliament agree with McCleary.

Caller, Ben Heard, for Decarbonise Australia.  [one of Barry Brook’s pro nuke mob]   Chernobyl and Fukushima pollution much less than existing coal plants.

In South Australia quite soon we have to make expensive choices.

In long run, nuclear will reduce the cost of power.  Fuel is so cheap.  As carbon price goes up, nuclear becomes cheaper.  To make  the right decision need all the options on the table.

 Presenter: a lot of people in environmental movement are moving towards your point of view.

Asks McCleary about Abbott removing carbon tax.  She doesn’t really know what Abbott would do…


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  1. No Nukes, best wishes, gfd.

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