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India’s pro nuclear regime terrorising the people of Kudankulam.

A regime that hates common masses and uses them only as vote bank can do anything to  make the rich and multinationals terribly happy

 Indian regime has already exhausted all techniques and tricks to malign, terrorize the people of Kudankulam.

India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Terror threatens Jal-Satyagraha 14 SEPTEMBER 2012 : BY DR. ABDUL RUFF  Gandhian method of struggle still has relevance for India which fought against the British occupation for centuries. In fact the Indian regime is not happy about protesters using non-violent protests against a government that employed as its prime tool of attack on Britain.

Defying security presence, Kudankulam protesters have entered sea for a  Sea water Protest , or Jal Satyagraha, signalling  that the not only the people of Kudankulam, especially the fishermen and families angry with central  India and Tamilnadu regimes, but even the Sea itself is annoyed with an nuclear extra terror fitting on its shores..

Upon state murder of one fisherman in Kudankulam vicinity, the protesting masses have decided to continue the movement through relaunching the struggle by getting into the sea.    Protesters have formed human chain in sea from Sep 13, 2012.

Can’t the Manmohan-Jayalalithaa state forces kill them inside the sea  as well? Like Israel and NATO terror syndicates are doing against
Muslims in Islamic world, India can also resort to airstrikes and
remove the popular opposition to nuclear terror agenda. After all,
India is an emerging strategic terror partner of these rogue states it
seeks their support for state crimes.

A regime that hates common masses and uses them only as vote bank can do anything to  make the rich and multinationals terribly happy. After
all, the terrocracies exist only ot promote their financiers by
allowing tax cuts and popular deaths.

Taking a leaf from ‘Jal Satyagraha’ activists in Madhya Pradesh, the
activists of People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) stood in
the waters close to the shores in a new turn to their year-long
protests. Stepping up their protest against the atomic power plant
here, anti-nuclear activists on Thursday stood in sea waters forming a
human chain off nearby Indinthakarai coast.

The agitators have put forward four demands – stoppage of the process
of fuel loading in Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project, drop the plan to
arrest anti-nuclear movement leaders, adequate compensation for those
who suffered losses and release of those already taken into custody.
The new form of protest came even the whereabouts of PMANE leader SP
Udayakumar remained unknown after he did somersault on his offer to
surrender before police after the protest turned violent that led to
police firing claiming the life of one fisherman in Tuticorin
(Tuthukudi) district on Monday.

The current bout of intensified protests, including the failed bid to
lay siege to the plant, was launched by PMANE to prevent loading of
fuel for which regulatory authorities gave the approval recently.

The entire Kudankulam town had almost been sealed by police since
Wednesday with the personnel taking positions at strategic places,
especially around the KNPP where the preparations for loading of
enriched uranium are underway.

Police, whose presence has been strengthened in and around the sea
shores with additional forces, have beefed up security along the coast
to prevent any untoward incident during the day-long protest. Police
said they conducted a house-to-house search for PMANE activists,
wanted in connection with Monday’s incidents, in the Tsunami village
near here on Wednesday night.

Hopefully, Indian rulers and leaders would not go to the extent of
murdering everyone in Kudankulam in order to get the nuclear agenda
fixed there, threatening the lives of the people there.

State madness is the extreme form of intolerance, arrogance, adamance
and is the worst phenomenon harming the national human interests.

Any mass movement in India cruelly and even brutally suppressed by
India regime. Anna Hazare who spearheaded a mass movement called
Lokpal against rampant corruption in the government and system, has
been coerced by the regime to wind down his struggle which captured
the  popular mood and aligned with mass sentiments.. India has
deliberately insulted Gandhian path of non-violent struggle. Indian
regime has already exhausted all techniques and tricks to malign,
terrorize the people of Kudankulam.

But New Delhi has not exhausted all means of electricity generation
and bent upon the worst nuclear method which would kill people.

The problem with India is it unnecessarily suffers from peculiar
inferiority syndrome which it shows by attacking people by calling
them the “enemy” of India. It is capable of  killing anyone if it
thinks  the false prestige of the “nation” is at stake. Kudankulam
nuclear terror project is anti-nation, anti-people, anti-humanity and
it should be shut down forthwith.

Those responsible for the murder of Antony should be brought to
justice sooner than later. Criminalised leaders cannot escape
punishment they deserve!

Popular movements never fail to achieve their genuine goals and they
cannot be suppressed by the demonic regime and so PM Manmohan and CM
Joyalalitha must realize it now!


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