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Despite the failing nuclear and uranium industries – their hype goes on in Australia

In corporate Australia, in political leaders, and mainstream media there is, of course, no shame in being completely unethical in pursuit of the business dollar. As far as the uranium industry goes, they’re all happy to be sanctimonious about the supposed ‘benefits’ of our exports.

The amazing part is in the way – with all evidence to the contrary, the uranium industry is hyped as a wonderful investment, and uranium mining as a benefit to the local area, in whatever State it might be developed.  (Never mind about BHP pulling out of uranium mining, ERA and Paladin’s losses). The latest uranium-hyping headlines include: ‘Uranium mining back on the political agenda’   (Herald Sun),State wants to get a piece of the action’ (The Australian), ‘NSW open to uranium exploration’ , (Financial review.)

The hyping doesn’t stop at uranium mining. There’s ‘SILEX beams on technology success’, (The Australian).  Not a word, in this sickeningly enthusiastic article, about the fact that this SILEX laser uranium enrichment technology is known to be a very dangerous avenue for allowing the spread of nuclear weapons fuel. (Controversial nuclear technology alarms watchdogs )

The Australian government gives ANSTO a boost – more money for ANSTO and the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.  This is for ‘worthy’ reasons – medical radionuclides – even though those can be made by other means, as Canada is now doing with its medical radiopharmaceuticals, – going for a non nuclear cyclotron.

And in today’s Australian there’s  the ‘ call for nuclear submarines – the only sensible solution’ 

But – Australia is not alone in this promotion of the nuclear industry.  Global nuclear corporations now rejoice that their pressure on the Japanese government has resulted in Japan’s government  backtracking on its commitment towards zero nuclear power. In France, EDF is vigourously attacking the government’s plan to shut down  Fessenheim, the country’s oldest nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile the global  nuclear lobby’s campaign that “low level radiation is quite good for you’ rumbles on. As does the promotion of all sorts of new geewhiz  untested nuclear reactors.  As does the continued attack on renewable energy.

Still – all this pro nuclear pro uranium propaganda does not seem to be working with ordinary people.   Perhaps it is all the desperate cries of a dying industry Christina Macpherson 21 Sept 


September 21, 2012 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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