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India: democratic rights gone, with reign of terror against anti nuclear protestors

  an undeclared state of Emergency in which all Constitutional rights of the villagers were suspended prevailed in

violence against women, children and the elderly by police.

“Undeclared Emergency in Idinthakarai”, THE HINDU, CHENNAI, September 27, 2012 An independent fact-finding team that investigated the September 10 police crackdown on agitators protesting against the fuel loading in the nuclear plant at Kudankulam has flayed the police for various excesses, including abusive behaviour toward womenfolk, slapping
sedition charges on young children and driving a wedge between religious communities in a bid to weaken the movement.

Addressing a press conference, leaders of the Chennai Solidarity Group for Koodankulam Struggle, demanded the restoration of democracy and free expression in Idinthakarai, action against policemen responsible for the atrocities on those carrying out a peaceful agitation and negotiations by the government to resolve the over a year-long stir
against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project.

B. G. Kolse Patil, former Judge of the Bombay High Court and chair of
the fact-finding team, who joined the conference via
video-conferencing, said an undeclared state of Emergency in which all
Constitutional rights of the villagers were suspended prevailed in
The police had unleashed a reign of terror and had randomly arrested
protestors, including children against whom sedition charges had been
slapped with the sole purpose of denying them bail, he said.

The team urged the Central and State governments, the Supreme Court,
the National and State Human Rights Commissions and the public at
large in Tamil Nadu and across the world, to rally against the
subversion of human rights and the consigning of people as guinea pigs
in a nuclear exercise.

The three-member fact-finding team, also comprising Mumbai-based
writer Kalpana Sharma and Tamil writer Joe D’Cruz, had compiled the
report after gathering evidence during a two-day visit last week to
Kudankulam, Idinthakarai, Tsunami Colony and the Juvenile Home in

The report states that the findings “raise a matter of great gravity,
given that they endorse widespread reports about violence against
women, children and the elderly by police.”……


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