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USA Green Party joins with Australian, Canadian, New Zealand Greens to oppose Trans-Pacific Partnership

US Green Party signs international Green statement against “secret” Trans-Pacific Partnership pact October 1, 2012 WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States has joined Green Parties of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand in a “Joint Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement” that strongly criticizes the proposed international trade pact.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which has been called “NAFTA on steroids,” would override democratically enacted laws that have been passed at national and local levels to protect the environment, public health, labor rights, and Internet freedom.

The text of the Joint Statement, which the Green Party of the United States has endorsed, is appended below.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was negotiated in secret by the Obama Administration, is meant to privilege corporate profits and enhance corporate power in the nations that rim the Pacific, including the U.S. This pact is a threat to jobs in the U.S. It contradicts claims by both President Obama and Gov. Romney that they want to put Americans back to work,” said Cheri Honkala, the Green Party’s vice-presidential nominee (

“Every voter should know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Unfortunately, both Obama and Romney support it, which means it won’t be discussed in the presidential debates. Only Green candidates, including my running mate, Jill Stein, are talking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership publicly. This is why it’s so crucial that Dr. Stein participate in the debates,” added Ms. Honkala.  Contacts:
Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator,
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator,

Joint Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement


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