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Fuukushima workers can work for only 20 minutes a day, due to radiation

Disposable Fukushima workers, “One person can only work for 30 mins a day, 20 days a month, one month a life”  by Mochizuki   October 9th, 2012  On 10/5/2012, Radio show called Hodo suru radio reported the working situation of Fukushima workers. Currently 3,000 people work at the site, and 23700 people have been working in Fukushima plant in total.
However, the plant situation has not been improved at all. An actual nuclear worker comments like this below,
About the workers in reactor buildings, it’s like “Run and climb up to there to get the stuff.”
About the workers in water purifying equipment, it’s like “You see the lever there right. Run to get it here.”
Because the radiation dose is too high, we can work only momentarily.
When contaminated water is leaking, we have to use remote controlling robots, but we have to prepare for it and get things back to be like before after using the robot.
We can’t work for longer than 20 ~ 30 minutes. We need more workers.
It can’t progress.
Because we always need new workers, it goes really slow.
Because we managed to cover the top of the reactor building with a
lead lid, the atmospheric dose is getting lower a little bit at the
seismic isolation building or outside, but those who work in the
reactor buildings or water purification equipment are still exposed as
Sometimes they show me their integral dosimeter at a rest room.
It’s 0.5mSv/15 mins.
It’s 1mSv/30 mins.
I asked him for how long he was going to work in such a condition. He
said, it can’t be longer than a month.
For those tasks, people keep coming and they keep leaving monthly.
As far as they confirm, some workers are working under 20 subcontract
companies, having 93% of salary exploited.
However, workers are getting paid less and less for tight budget.
Currently, they are paid 90 ~130 USD a day.
Because some of the subcontract companies can no longer provide the
workers with accommodation and food, those workers are having to leave
Fukushima, but they have no place to go back.
They were told that it’s going to be a long term job, they quit the
contract of their apartments.
When they have family, they have home but can no longer support their family.


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