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Correcting the misinformation from the Thorium power nuclear lobbyists

There is a rash of misinformation on the net about the supposed merits of the ‘new’ nuclear energy source on the block, thorium. I am sure that in a perfect world where nobody lies, thorium would be the perfect answer to the world’s energy needs as is claimed. This is unfortunately not the case.

Apparently, every time there is a new nuclear catastrophe, the thorium ‘miracle’ is promoted again as the ‘savior’ for the world. The Fukushima nuclear radiation catastrophe was not unique and the thorium misinformation artists have come out in droves. It’s the nuclear industry’s defense mechanism – create a new ‘safety myth’ that regular people can latch onto.

In reality, the thorium nuclear fuel cycle has been under development since the very early days of the nuclear industry. India, for example, has spent decades trying to commercialize it, and has failed. The US, Russia, Germany, and many others tried and failed as well. At best, thorium based nuclear power generation may be commercialized in a few decades.

I doubt it.

Fortunately, there are a number of independent trustworthy and expert sources of information on the internet regarding thorium nuclear. Here they are: Continue reading

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Queenslanders Urged To Act On Solar Installations 18 Oct 12  Tens of thousands of Queensland households that registered for the state’s previous solar feed in tariff rate are yet to finalise their paperwork and installations – and may miss out if they wait too long. Continue reading

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Coal power falling – Victoria’s Premier regrets success of renewables and carbon tax

More Coal Power To Go, Electricity Related Carbon Pollution Plunges http://www 18 Oct 12 After years of battling the filthy fossil fuel status quo, Australia’s renewable energy revolutionaries are now really starting to see the changes they dreamed of.

Due to a reduction in electricity demand, the carbon tax and Australia’s Renewable Energy Target putting downward pressure on wholesale electricity prices; coal fired power generation is increasingly falling by the wayside.

We’ve previously reported on South Australia’s Playford B plants being shut down for good and Stanwell taking two units at its Tarong facility in Queensland offline soon. In New South Wales, the end of coal fired generation at Munmorah power station has been confirmed Yesterday it was announced the majority of Victoria’s Yallourn Power Station’s generation capacity would be mothballed – only three of the four units at Yallourn will generate electricity.

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu had a curious reaction to the announcement according to a report on the ABC:
   “This is an unfortunate signal to the future if the carbon tax is having an impact in this way,” he said.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive David Green said shifts in the way electricity was generated were to be expected if Australia was serious about shifting to clean energy.
“Six weeks ago renewable energy was wrongly criticised in some quarters for not reducing emissions, and now Australia’s 20 per cent Renewable Energy Target has been criticised for being too effective,” Mr Green said. “The fact is, the Renewable Energy Target is doing exactly what it is supposed to: aiding Australia’s transition to a cleaner energy system and hunting out the least-cost ways of doing this.”

According to an article on WA Today, based on analysis of figures compiled by the Australian Energy Market Operator, electricity sold into the east coast market since the carbon tax was introduced had 7.6 per cent less carbon dioxide associated with it. To paraphrase Gandhi; thanks in part to over 858,000 households installing solar panels, Australians are being the change they want to see in the world.

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How Australians are paying up big time for others’ air conditioning

The percentage of homes with air-conditioners has jumped from around 25 per cent in 1975 to nearly 70 per cent now, with the percentage nearly doubling in the last decade. Those households which do not have air-conditioning are paying an effective a cross subsidy of $330 for the use of those devices during those 40 hours of critical peak periods.

Why you are paying $10/hr to run your neighbour’s air-con  REneweconomy By  on 18 October 2012 We’re not quite into the scorching summer temperatures peaks, but here’s a thought to help boil your blood the next time you lie on the couch, sweltering in the heat. You’re one of  a minority of households that do not have air conditioning, but you might as well, because it’s costing you pretty close to $10 an hour in those summer peaks to subsidise those that do.

That, at least, is the broad conclusion of the Productivity Commission’s report into electricity prices, which shines a light on a well-known fact that has suddenly become political dynamite – nearly all the electricity price rises in recent years is due to the unbelievably inefficient way we use and supply energy.

Here are a few facts that are probably well known but are worth repeating here. Continue reading

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BHP to halt Olympic Dam production  Oct 17, 2012  BHP Billiton is to shut down its Olympic Dam smelter production for almost a month. The company says a reduction in smelter production had affected mining operations, near outback Roxby Downs in South Australia.

A BHP official said there were some issues with the smelter in the September quarter, which affected the throughput.
The outage for the December quarter would be for maintenance to address this.

BHP Billiton revealed back in August it would defer any expansion of the uranium, copper and gold mine due to market conditions. It wants the SA Government to extend its indenture agreement for the proposed expansion until October 2016.

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Cricketism and Gillard’s silly nuclear deal with India

Cricketism has brought India closer to Australia and nuclear grey deals brought them still closer and the announcement by a silly Australian PM to offer the nation’s prestigious awards to foreigners, especially in cricketism exercises. India needs Australian uranium for nuclear terror purposes

Mutual exchange of honorary degrees and awards are very common, like street robberies, in international politics for the
promotion of trade in arms and nukes stuff.

Russians supply India nuclear stuff and Australians offer awards.

Why should the Indian regime of corporates and mafias kill people in Kudankulam? 

India’s Archons bribes Australia for awards — Cricketism, The Canadian 18 OCTOBER 2012 BY DR. ABDUL RUFF ” …….Madam Gillard arrived in India after a surprise trip to Afghanistan had meetings with business leaders and their protector Singh in Delhi. Indian nuclear mafia abroad is doing well.

Australia’s ruling centre-left Labor party voted to overturn its ban on uranium sales to India last year after a long debate about nuclear weapons and reactor safety following Japan’s atomic crisis. Continue reading

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Fossil fuels just a back up for wind and solar energy?  By Giles Parkinson  18 October 2012 The head of one of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers has expressed his surprise at the public debate around health concerns over wind energy in Australia, saying it does not happen elsewhere. Continue reading

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Critics on all sides as Australia leads way on Antarctic protection BY: MATTHEW DENHOLM, TASMANIA CORRESPONDENT  The Australian October 18, 2012  AUSTRALIA and France have developed a plan to protect 1.9 million square kilometres of east Antarctica as new marine parks, although a report today will call for an even larger reserve.

The Australia-France proposal, backed by the EU, covers seven coastal zones in east Antarctica….  (subscribers only)

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