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Dr Adi Paterson of Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation upset at being called a lying shit

Nuclear agency boss emotional as whistleblower taunts  By Bianca Hall  THE head of Australia’s nuclear agency briefly broke down at a dramatic Senate estimates hearing yesterday, after an angry whistleblower accused him of covering up a serious incident in which workers were splashed with radioactive material.

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation chief executive Adrian Paterson was comforted by Senators and staff, and refused to leave the room until the man had left the building.

Listening to Mr Paterson give evidence was former ANSTO worker and whistleblower David Reid, who worked at the facility for almost 30 years, including years as his colleagues’ occupational health and safety representative.”You’re a liar,” Mr Reid growled when Mr Paterson finished telling the inquiry he did not believe the incident had occurred.

”You’ve fabricated the findings, covered up safety incidents … you guys covered it over. You’re a lying piece of shit.”

Mr Reid later told The Age he had been sacked after bringing claims of the incident to management. ”It’s trashed my life; I’ve just been obsessed with it. My marriage fell apart, and I lost my house and I’m living in a caravan. But I can’t let it go.”

The fracas centred on an incident that allegedly took place at ANSTO’s Lucas Heights facility in 2007, which has been the subject of multiple inquiries, and remains disputed by all parties involved.

KPMG conducted the most recent investigation into the incident, reporting in June that many current and former ANSTO employees had ”imprecise at best” recollections of the incident. But it found the regulator – the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency – failed to properly investigate the matter and neither its interim, nor final inspection reports, ”sufficiently examined allegations that a contamination incident … occurred”.

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam called for ANSTO to apologise to Mr Reid. ”I think what has to happen from here, Mr Reid is clearly owed an apology, but the regulator is going to have to step up.”



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  1. Well done Mr Reid. I believe you if no one else does. Adi took a huge piece of my career and life and is not to be trusted.I understand with absolute clarity what you are going through …you must let go of the anger or it will destroy you. If you come through this disgraceful deceit you will be a better person than baby-adi will ever be. And by the way I have concluded that adi’s behaviour is pretty run of the mill in the nuclear industry. Don’t let him have the power to destroy your life. Well done on taking him on …more power to your voice!

    Comment by ex-nuke-employee | December 27, 2012 | Reply

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