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Australia’s uniquely beautiful cuttlefish in need of protection

Christina’s note:  The cancelling of BHP’s plan for a mega uranium mine at Olympic Dam has had one bit of very good “fallouT – in that they now probabaly won’t want the desalination plant at Spencer Gulf.  That would have alomost certainly resulted in the extinction of this unique and beautiful animal, which depends on the delicate balance of salt and fresh water for its breeding area 

More protection urged for cuttlefish Oct 19, 2012  Greens MP Mark Parnell is urging an immediate listing of the giant
Australian cuttlefish as a protected species. Some Whyalla locals say cuttlefish numbers in upper Spencer Gulf fell
from an annual aggregation of about 200,000 to about 6,000 for the most recent breeding season. Research is yet to pinpoint a cause.

Mr Parnell said even if over-fishing was not the cause, there would be no harm in giving the cuttlefish more protection.

“There are some simple actions they can take – protect these fish under state law, seek their protection under federal law and put in place an emergency recovery plan that involves all the best science, and not just throw your hands up in despair and say ‘Well they’re disappearing and there’s nothing we can do about it’,” he said.


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