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Hear this ABC radio broadcast on Solar Thermal Power

AUDIO What is ‘solar thermal’, and it is the renewable energy source of the future? 23 October 2012 , 11:03 AM by Sally Rope  We got talking about renewable energy sources yesterday – coming out of the news that Premier Campbell Newman has lifted the ban on uranium mining in Queensland.

We don’t use nuclear energy here in Australia, but it does have some appeal in that it’s a carbon free energy source, but many feel the risks are too great for us to go down that path.

So if coal and oil are on the way out, and nuclear is not an option – what else? Quite a few of our listeners called in to tell us about solar thermal power.

Matthew Wright is the Executive Director of the organisation ‘Beyond Zero Emissions’ who have put together a proposal called the ‘Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan’, and solar thermal is an important part of that plan…

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