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Pakistan says of Australian uranium – “Me Too!”

Pakistan says it should be allowed to buy Australian uranium November 17, 2011 BUSINESS RECORDER  Pakistan says if Australia sells uranium to India, it too should be eligible for exports of the product. India’s arch rival is also a nuclear power and, like India, a non-signatory of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Pakistan says it could use Australian
uranium to boost its civilian nuclear power programme.


And its High Commissioner to Australia Abdul Malik Abdullah told ABC Radio correspondent Michael Edwards in an interview that it would be discrimination to sell to India and not to Pakistan.

“We are not against uranium sales to India but that if they do go ahead they should also be available to Pakistan,” Abdullah was quoted as saying by ABC Radio on Tuesday. “In the past when United States, India nuclear deal had taken place, we feel that Pakistan was discriminated against. And we hope that this time, given our very strong and cordial relationship with Australia, Pakistan would not be discriminated against.”

Pakistan’s atomic programme began in earnest after India conducted its first nuclear test in 1974. It tested its first bomb in 1998. It’s also expanding its civilian nuclear power programme. …..

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