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India’s dimming democracy – censoring Australian filmmaker David Bradbury

Australia’s best-known documentary film-maker, David Bradbury, was prevented by the Tamil Nadu Police from entering Idinthakarai.

The detention is likely to have international ramifications given the stature of Bradbury as a film-maker

Australian Film-Maker Stopped by Police in Koodankulam, Tamil Nadu By Sri Lanka Guardian  October 26, 2012  Chennai,  Amid conflicting reports about detention of Australian Film-maker David Bradbury  in Koodankulam, we are posting below the updates as we receive them. After deportation of a German tourist and 3 Japanese activists, this is yet another move of stifling democracy by the Government which must be condemned in strongest terms. Continue reading

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Senator Larissa Waters debunks Queensland’s uninformed fervour for uranium minng

Senator Barnaby Joyce says nuclear power in Australia is next step after Queensland decision to resume uranium mining Robyn Ironside, John McCarthy The Courier-Mail October 24, 2012 “….Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters said those supporting uranium mining in Queensland had not worked out safe means of
transporting and exporting uranium.
Guidelines have only recently been adopted in WA and that state will not allow uranium oxide to be transported to, or shipped from, its ports until 2014.
“It is too dangerous, it is too risky, it is dirty and we have clean safe renewable alternatives that won’t end up making the world’s conflicts even worse,” Senator Waters said.
She said she doubted uranium would be an “economic saviour” for Queensland because the price of uranium was very low, now about $43 per pound.
The Queensland government is expecting total royalties of around $900 million if the total resource ($18 billion on current prices) was mined.
“The price for uranium has tanked in the last few years – all the more because of the Fukushima disaster – and we have just seen Olympic Dam in South Australia, the biggest uranium mine in Australia – well we’ve just seen plans for that to expand, shelved,” Senator Waters said.
Senator Waters said transportation of uranium remained a major problem. “There is no safe way to dig up uranium, or transport it to port, or export it, and have it used safely,” she said. “We simply don’t have the guarantees that we need that this stuff can be managed.” “It is radioactive, it is toxic.”….. :

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ALREADY – 50 Olympic size swimming pools of radioactive water in Fukushma tanks

To deal with the excess tainted water, the utility has channeled it to more than 300 huge storage tanks placed around the plant.

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Plant’s Contaminated Water Storage Running Out Of Space HUFFINGTON POST, By MARI YAMAGUCHI 10/25/12  TOKYO – Japan’s crippled nuclear power plant is struggling to find space to store tens of thousands of tons of highly contaminated water used to cool the broken reactors, the manager of the water treatment team said.

About 200,000 tons of radioactive water – enough to fill more than 50 Olympic-sized swimming pools – are being stored in hundreds of gigantic tanks built around the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant. Operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. has already chopped down trees to make room for more tanks and predicts the volume of water will more than triple within three years. Continue reading

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Caloundra’s solar energy array now in operation

SPS Energy Installs 80 kW Solar Array for Caloundra-Based STC AZO CleanTech  October 26, 2012   Today marks a new milestone for Australia’s private businesses seeking heightened energy efficiency: the unveiling of what’s believed to be one of the largest privately funded solar installations in the nation , installed by SPS Energy  and now operational in Caloundra, Queensland. The Honourable Mark McArdle, Queensland’s Minister for Energy and Water Supply, officiated at the commissioning celebration.

SPS Energy, based in Eumundi, is a preeminent supplier of energy management and renewable energy solutions across Australia.

The 80kWatt solar array is located on the rooftop of the Caloundra-based Saddlery Trading Company ( ), and powers 75kWatts of inverter capacity. ….

“The installation has already delivered benefits for our business: an energy consumption decline of over 60% in the first billing period after commissioning, followed by further reductions in subsequent periods,” Mr Grant said.

“As a family-owned business, it’s critical for us to keep an eye on the bottom line, while integrating environmentally conscious practices.

“Our family business is proof that solar power can deliver savings, efficiency, and sustainability.”

The solar array provides STC with certainty of power costs into the future and provision for even greater energy autonomy, if needed. ….

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