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Small but courageous bare protest against US military base in Perth.

NO  MORE  WARS  –  CHEEKY PRESENCE  AT  SAS  BARRACKS, SWANBOURNE   13th November This morning a group of women bared all outside Swanbourne Barracks, headquarters of the SAS, to deliver a peaceful message in advance of the visit of Leon Panetta, United States Secretary for Defence.

The un-named women, bearing the letters of NO MORE WARS across their buttocks, are concerned at the military build-up which will be subject of AUSMIN discussions over the next two days between the United States and Australian governments, taking place in Perth.

“We know that Leon Panetta is scheduled to visit the SAS headquarters at Campbell Barracks, so we wanted to get in ahead of security forces, to let him, his Government, our Government and the public know that there are hundreds of thousands  of Australians who do not want our country further embroiled in wars of the United States’ choosing.

“We do not want an “upgrade” of Stirling Naval Base to suit U.S. Navy requirements, meaning more warship visits, some of which carry nuclear weapons and are powered by nuclear reactors.

“We do not want further “interoperability” which suits the United States war-fighting plans, but not necessarily the requirements for the defence of Australia.

“We do not want to see U.S. marines on Australian soil, nor further military exercises which are damaging to our environment.

“What’s happened to Australian sovereignty?  Gone missing in action, while U.S. forces get the nod.

“Not in our name,” the women concluded.


For further information, contact Kerrie Ann: 0401 909 332

November 15, 2012 - Posted by | opposition to nuclear, Western Australia

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  1. Fuck this bullshit fucking anti American fucks ya don’t want foreigners in your land yet you took the land illegally


    Comment by beerreen | July 9, 2017 | Reply

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