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Resources scientist questions management of tailings and water for Wiluna uranium project

water-drops Dr Mudd also highlighted the use and contamination of ground water
sources in the area as a key issue, saying there have been issues at
other uranium mines across Australia and it remains unclear where
water for this site will come from or what techniques will be used to
source it

Monash mining expert examines Wiluna uranium proposal
Science Network, 23 December 2012 AN AUSTRALIAN expert on mining
sustainability has highlighted some of the key environmental aspects
for West Australia, as the state moves closer to its first uranium

Resources company Toro Energy recently received state government
environmental approval to develop WA’s first uranium mine near Wiluna,
with the company now seeking federal environmental approval.

Monash University mining expert Gavin Mudd says the primary issues
concern the management of tailings and waste rock, as well as water
use, contamination and other aspects local to the mine site. Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) looks to renewed nuclear agreement between USA and Australia

Buy-US-nukesNuclear Energy Agreements With Russia, Australia Open Door for Expanded Trade, Nuclear Energy Institute, 12/10/2010
WASHINGTON, D.C.—With the completion of the congressional review, the
way is clear for the Obama administration to enact a civilian nuclear
energy cooperation agreement with Russia and renewed another with
Australia, commonly known as “123 agreements.”

The bilateral
agreements with the two nations will open the door for new nuclear
trade, research and technology transfers. Following is a statement
from the Nuclear Energy Institutes President and Chief Executive
Officer Marvin Fertel:

“These agreements are important to the United States to allow for the
supply of nuclear technology, fuel and services with other countries….

“The agreement with Australia renews and strengthens a long-standing
accord with an important partner. ….

“With these agreements, American nuclear technology companies and
suppliers will have broader global market access.”

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Depleted uranium and birth defects in Iraq

Fallujah-babyDepleted Uranium Receives More Attention , The Daily Bell
 December 21, 2012 – “…. in Iraq, and Afghanistan, too, the idea of sicknesses related to depleted uranium do not seem in much doubt, from what we can tell. In Iraq, as we have reported many times, doctors are even advising women in certain areas not to have children because the chances of birth defects are so great. Here’s more from the article: Continue reading

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Damage to eyes from ultraviolet radiation

eyes-surprisedUV Eye Safety to Avoid Sunburn of the Eyes,  
23 Dc 12,
We protect our skin with
sunscreen, but what about our eyes? Most of us are aware of the
dangerous effects ultraviolet (UV) rays have on our skin, but few of
us realize the danger imposed on our eyes. UV radiation, whether from
natural sunlight or artificial UV rays, can damage the eye’s surface
tissues as well as the cornea and lens. UV radiation can burn the
front surface of the eye, much like a sunburn on the skin. Continue reading

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