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Rats: an old-fashioned but very real added threat at Fukushima nuclear complex

rat-chewing-cableFukushima Worker: Rats now being found in many places around plant — Concern about biting cables, tripping electrical systems, spreading high level contamination
 December 21st, 2012 
Title: Atomic Rats, Fishing For Beams & Cleaning Up The Common Pool At Daiichi
Source: SimplyInfo
Date:  Dec 20, 2012
Atomic Rats […]

Workers at the plant are reporting seeing rats at Daiichi. Worker Happy11311 mentioned seeing them and was worried they would damage cables at the plant. They could cause obvious safety problems if they chewed on electrical or water lines. Small animals also pose the risk of getting into equipment and causing issues by tripping electrical systems. Then there is the problem of rats being in contact with high levels of radiation then making them highly contaminated. This can cause problems as they then spread the contamination up the food chain or take it with them if they leave the immediate area.

Translation by Fukushima Diary: I like animals but haven’t seen rats before. Recently I see rats in many places of Fukushima plant. ・・・ They much bigger than Jerry. I’m concerned they may cause a trouble by biting cables.

See also: Fukushima Daiichi Worker: I got worried about corrosion of pipes after seeing new video of Reactor 1 — One day pipes will break from slight quake after seeing how much they corroded in only a year — Same risk at all four reactors (PHOTO)

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