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Australia to get secret tests of UK’s killer drone aircraft

Drones have become a mainstay of warfare but are shrouded in secrecy. The US, ramping up its drone program under President Barack Obama, has used them against “kill list” targets in place such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.

 Britain’s Taranis tests Australia appealed because it contains a lot of wide open spaces with next to no electromagnetic signals. He believed the tests would take place around Woomera in South Australia…..

It is estimated about 3000 people have been killed in US drone strikes, including hundreds of civilians


$190 million drone coming to AustraliaThe Age Asher Moses, January 16, 2013 An unmanned British stealth drone that can fly faster than the speed of sound and go undetected by radar will soon have its first test flight in Australia.

The £125 million ($190 million) Taranis, named after the Celtic god of thunder, can attack targets across continents, automatically dodge missiles and other efforts to bring it down and independently identify targets. It can refuel in mid-air and carry weapons including laser guided bombs and missiles.

Designed to avoid having to put human lives at risk  (?) Continue reading

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Uranium colonialism: France fighting for uranium resource control in Mali?

eyes-surprised French mining company Areva, had lost its almost complete exclusive right to Niger’s uranium. This could easily explain why France could not afford to lose Mali as well.

On Monday, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius said… Key interests were at stake for us, for Africa, for Europe, so we had to act quickly,” said Fabius. Could one of the key interests mentioned by Mr. Fabius be uranium?

Uranium is indeed France’s key energy resource… , the country is heavily dependent on uranium..

 Mali: France’s Neo-Colonial War for Uranium? News Junke Post, By  15 Jan 13  In late December 2012, the  United Nations Security Council approved the dispatch of an “African-led intervention force” to Mali’s to help the army reconquer the north of the country from Tuareg separatists and their allied Islamist militants. But in recent days, it is not the African-led troops who have been operating in Mali. Instead, troops from former colonial power France have been unilaterally deployed to fight the rebellion in the north….

Recipe for a failed state Continue reading

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Operational nuclear reactors now down to 390 world-wide – nuclear industry now in palliative care

highly-recommendedIAEA Shifts 47 Japanese Reactors Into “Long-Term Shutdown” Category 16 January 2013 In an unprecedented move, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has shifted 47 Japanese nuclear reactors from the category “In Operation” to the category “Long-term Shutdown” (LTS) in its web-based Power Reactor Information System (PRIS). The number of nuclear reactors listed as “In Operation” in the world thus drops from 437 yesterday to 390 today, a level last seen in Chernobyl-year 1986 and a dramatic step of the IAEA’s official statistics in recognizing industrial reality in Japan.


This is without doubt a unique revision of world operational nuclear data. Continue reading

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How Australia hypocritically bought UAE’s vote to get a seat on UN Security Council

Carr,-Bob-two-facedTwo news items here and, two below these, show the depth of hypocrisy of the Austrakian government and its unelected Foreign Minister, Bob Carr.  We might well ask why Carr was parachuted into that position.   He now presides over hypocrisies such as this one –  the way in which United Arab Emirates was bribed into voting for Australia for the seat on the UN Security Council.

First Australia promises to lift its foreign aid, then agrees to sell uranium to UAE.   Having secured the seat on the UN Security Council, Australia proceeds to cut back the foreign aid.  But we’re still going to sell uranium to UAE – that’s OK. And, maybe later, when the Australian public can be won over, why, Mr Carr might be happy to arrange the take back of UAE’s nuclear wastes? – Christina Macpherson

 Cynical politics drive cuts to overseas aid  By TIM COSTELLO and JACK de GROOT Dec. 20, 2012,  THE federal government has dropped a bombshell on poor communities in developing countries, just in time for Christmas.

After delaying its promise on aid at the May budget, the government now plans to divert $375 million of Australia’s much-needed aid budget to fund domestic refugee programs, making Australia the third largest recipient of Australian aid.That’s about 7 per cent of the budget diverted  from important development programs – programs that save lives and transform communities…..
Canberra’s plan not only undermines the trust Australians have in our aid program, it also damages our international reputation – a reputation we have so carefully crafted in recent years, reflected in Australia successfully gaining a seat at the UN Security Council and the Millennium Development Goals Advocacy Group…

UAE to back Australia’s bid for UN Security Council seat, The National,   Aug 3, 2012  ABU DHABI , The UAE will back Australia’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council this autumn, the Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed has confirmed.

 The confirmation was made on Tuesday during a visit by the Australian foreign minister, Bob Carr, to the country to sign a nuclear supply deal between the two nations…. Mr Carr said: “I am grateful to the UAE for backing our bid. Our relations are strong as they are our biggest business partner in the Middle East with AUS$6.4 billion [Dh24.6bn] in two-way trade……

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Bob Carr arranges uranium sales to UAE, but not ready YET to take back their nuclear wastes

Carr,-Bob-nukeAustralia to supply UAE nuclear fuel but will not take radioactive waste, The National  April Yee Aug 1, 2012  ABU DHABI // Australia has opened the door to supplying the UAE with nuclear fuel but has ruled out taking back the radioactive waste it generates…… we’re happy to make a big commitment to providing them with energy security,” the Australian foreign minister Bob Carr said yesterday.

Australia has the world’s biggest uranium reserves, nearly a quarter of the global supply, and is expected to be one of the main suppliers for the UAE’s nuclear power plant.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Abdullah, signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with Mr Carr last night allowing for such nuclear trade as Abu Dhabi prepares to award a major contract for 15 years’ worth of uranium. But fuel leasing, in which the supplier takes back the spent fuel, is off the cards for now in Australia, which also bans nuclear plants at home.”Public opinion in Australia would be resolutely opposed to taking back nuclear waste,” said Mr Carr. “That’s a very big step, and there wouldn’t be public support for it.”

When Abu Dhabi outlined its plans to build the Arab world’s first nuclear power plant in 2008, it had hoped that some supplier nations would be willing to take back the waste. Continue reading

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Australia’s uranium fuel deal with United Arab Emirates (UAE)

ABU DHABI // UAE-Australian relations have been moving from strength to strength helped by the recent nuclear-fuel deal, according to the Australian parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs, The Nation, Richard Marles. 16 Jan 13

 Mr Marles, who was in the capital yesterday for the World Future Energy Summit, told an audience from the Australian Business Council that the UAE is Australia’s base in the Middle East for business, defence and foreign policy.

Mr Marles said that the UAE nuclear cooperation agreement signed in July last year had given a “considerable boost to the Uranium industry in Australia……The Australian secretary added that the UAE was Australia’s base of operations for all its Middle East military operations. “The UAE is our most important partner in the region. Our defence operations in the Middle East are all coordinated out of Dubai, including operations in Iraq, Afghanistan as well as our counter piracy work,” he said.

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Story of David Bradbury’s nuclear/uranium journey on film

A first wave of David Bradbury’s critically acclaimed filmography is now available for immediate streaming video on


ON THE FRONTLINE: A ScreenZone interview with David Bradbury, 15 Jan 13   “……DB: My current film examines the three stages of the nuclear film cycle on a very personal level. It started when I met an aboriginal woman called Isabelle Dingamah (sic) about four years ago, and I started to film her story. She is one of the traditional custodians of the land at Roxby [Downs]. As a little girl she’d had the British atom bomb dropped on her and her family when she was 18-months-old. It’s kind of Shakespearian.

It’s unfolded organically, which is how I make my documentaries, and filmed as I go. Continue reading

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Australia with the right leadership, could run wholly on renewable energy

Renewable energy could “run Australia” Current, By Paul Brown Climate News Network, 16 Jan 13 LONDON – Australia could be self-sufficient in renewable energy in 10 years by converting to solar and wind energy if the country had the right social and political leadership, according to the Energy Research Institute of the University of Melbourne. Continue reading

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Solar panel rating system for Australia

Australia To Have Its Own Solar Panel Rating System, 16 Jan 13, 

The Clean Energy Council (CEC), Australian Solar Institute (ASI) and Australian Photovoltaic Association (APVA) have partnered to develop a climate-based solar panel performance and module rating system. Continue reading

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ERA still planning an underground uranium mine for Northern Territory Ranger site

ERA beings approvals process for Ranger 3 Deeps uranium mine  http://www.  16 January, 2013 Cole Latimer

Energy Resources of Australia has formally begun its statutory approvals process for the proposed Ranger 3 Deeps underground uranium mine.

It today lodged a referral with the Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC) as well as with the Northern Territory government.

It comes after the miner was accused of expanding said operations without environmental assessments.

ERA is investing around $120 million to construct an exploration decline to define its existing resource.

Construction of the decline began in May last year, with closed space drilling scheduled to commence in quarter three of this year.

The miner has also allocated an additional $57 million for a prefeasibility study into the development of an underground mine.

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