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Paladin, Ashurst – now Roger Helbig trys to shut down Antinuclear – we must be having an impact

a-cat-CANHere’s what Roger Helbig sent me today:  ” Your first immediate action is to take my name out of your
e-mail subject line.  I have already advised WordPress and I will make
every possible effort to take down your WordPress blog and eliminate
your ability to ever have another WordPress blog.”   along with a lot of other threats of legal action.

This humble little website is now in the company of some much more illustrious sites. For example – “It has come to our attention that an Helbig,-Rogerindividual by the name of Roger Helbig, has been going to great effort to damage our reputation”

There are dozens more .. you see, Roger Helbig makes a profession of harrassing and preferably shutting down, any voices that criticise the use of depleted uranium.

“Lieutenant Colonel Roger Helbig, USAF, Rtd (it appears) is one of a small Pentagon-inspired group devoted to denigrating and undermining the efforts of those drawing attention to the dangers of DU, which three UN Sub-Committees have designated a weapon of mass destruction. Rokke is just the latest in a long line of Helbig targets. Journalist Bob Nichols, Project Censored award winner for his DU coverage, writes, ‘Individuals on web sites throughout the United States have complained about the abusive and aggressive actions of an Air Force Lieut. Colonel named Roger Helbig’.
David Lindorff, another award winner and the (UK) Observer’s David Rose, have also suffered a barage of abuse for stories exposing the dangers of DU
Nichols cites Helbig ‘attacking hundreds of sites and harrassing web moderators.’ Informative DU sites (such as and – the latter’s meticulously researched alerts included the chilling warning of US military in Iraq reagrding bathing in shower water taken from Tigris river: ‘GI’s Beware Radioactive Showers’) are also victims. Researcher, John Ervin, posted on ‘They’ve already sent Lt. Colonel Roger Helbig after me.’
Leuren Moret, President of Scientists for Indigenous Peoples and City of Berkeley (Ca) Environmental Commissioner states: ‘Helbig has been harassing me nonstop for two to three years.’  ….”


February 12, 2013 - Posted by | Christina reviews, civil liberties, media

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  1. Congratulations to Anti-Nuclear.

    Democracy and science and morality are all on your side.

    Best wishes and many thanks for your fine work.

    Comment by Brett Burnard Stokes | February 12, 2013 | Reply

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