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Nuclear lobby very coy about figures showing the decline of nuclear energy to 2013

For the longer term picture on the decline of nuclear I still recommend theirWorld Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012.

Nuclear Lobby Doesn’t Tell How Much Nuclear Generated Last Year Feb 19 2013  by  under Nuclear energy

spin-prick-1The good news for Australian Fossil Nukes like the one I discussed yesterday is that nuclear didn’t decline at all in Australia last year.

That is of course caused by the fact that it is completely illegal there in the first place, and there is no way to further decline from zero.

I recall that Barry Brook, the most prominent Australian Fossil Nuke, expects that small amounts of low carbon nuclear energy may be expected there as early as 2030. As mentioned earlier, until such time he and his friends will try to stand in the way of renewable energy, making climate change worse in the process, if anybody listens to them.

While it is easy to find out how much nuclear declined in Australia, it is surprisingly difficult to find out what happened world wide.

Of course for Germany one look at the latest numbers from Arbeitsgemeinschaft Energiebilanzen shows that nuclear is down to 99.5 TWh in 2012, from 108.0 in 2011, for a decline of around 7.9%. In the same year 2012, solar production was up 44% in Germany.

Where would one expect to find data on World nuclear generation in 2012?

The first candidate would be the World Nuclear Association. Their relevant page titled “Nuclear Power in the World Today” was last updated in April 2012, but actually only shows data from 2010 and 2008, conveniently hiding the substantial decline in 2011.

No luck for anyone interested in finding data there about “nuclear today”, I guess.

Next up is the “Nuclear Energy Institute”, describing itself as “the policy organization for the nuclear industry”. Sure they would have data on something so basic as production in 2012.

Again, no such luck. Their page only shows data until 2011.

The same is true of the International Atomic Energy Agency. They also either don’t know or don’t tell about 2012, their data set ending with 2011.

In contrast, the World Nuclear Industry Status Report site came up right on January first with a summary for 2012, which doesn’t show generation numbers, but gives an overview describing the how many new units were connected to the grid (three) and how many old ones were retired (four).

For the longer term picture on the decline of nuclear I still recommend theirWorld Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012.

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  1. Check out the unbelievable rubbish coming from Barry Brook’s colleague Corey Bradshaw at The Environment Institute (part of Adelaide University) …
    at Corey Bradshaw says “we show no sign of slowing emissions rates, partly because of the world’s ridiculous refusal to embrace the only known energy technology that can safely meet emissions-reduction requirements: nuclear power”

    and also check out the pro nuclear (and anti renewables) lies being told by Adelaide University at … they claim nuclear energy is “zero carbon”, one of the biggest lies ever told IMHO.

    What a disgrace … Barry Brook needs to be dismissed ASAP from his professorship.

    And the Adelaide Uni authorities who have protected Brook – they need to go ASAP as well.


    Comment by Brett Burnard Stokes | February 22, 2013 | Reply

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