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The fluoride issue and why it is important

a-cat-CANThe anti nuclear movement is  a very broad collection of scientists, doctors, and ordinary concerned citizens.  The main focus of concern for many of us is the scientifically proven fact that ionising radiation damages cells, bringing about genetic mutations, embryonic deformities and cancer

I really deplore the way in which anti fluoride campaigners often want to connect up the two campaigns.

Fluoridation of water is the most proven public health measure, effective in protecting teeth, and without  side effects. In areas where fluoride is naturally present in high proportions, people have strong teeth, but they may have  a mottled appearance, and that’s all.

Yet in Australia, especially in some rural areas in Victoria, the anti fluoride mob have for decades been on the bandwagon – claiming  all sorts of preposterous ill effects from fluoride. This campaign was rampant back in the 1970s , led by right wing extremist Eric Butler, with his “League of Rights”

The anti nuclear movement has  a strong scientific basis. and  no connection with right wing conspiracy groups.

Fluoride cuts tooth decay for all age groups, University of Adelaide study finds Jordanna Schriever
adelaidenow March 05, 2013 

  •  Tory Shepherd: When anti-scientists attack fluoride
  • Something toxic in MP Ann Bressington’s fluoride claim FLUORIDE cuts tooth decay in adults of all ages, a University of Adelaide-led international study has found.
  • The world-first population-level study has uncovered the strongest evidence for adding fluoride to water.Director of the university’s Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, Professor Kaye Roberts-Thomson, said the results added to already established evidence that fluoride in drinking water benefits the dental health of children.
  • “By looking right across the Australian population, we now have good evidence that fluoride in drinking water is effective in preventing tooth decay in adults,” Prof Roberts-Thomson said.The study looked at data from a random sample of 3800 Australians aged 15 and over.”We’ve known for some time that fluoridated drinking water can prevent tooth decay in children, but this is the first time that research has conclusively shown this in an adult population.”
  • The researchers found adults with more than a 75 per cent lifetime exposure to water fluoridation have up to a 30 per cent reduction in tooth decay compared with those with less than 25 per cent lifetime exposure.”Those people who have had longer exposure to fluoride in water obviously will have the greater benefit. However, and this is an important aspect of the study, even those people who were born before water fluoridation existed have since received some benefit in their lifetimes,” Prof Roberts-Thomson said.

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