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Should Australians worry about a North Korean nuclear attack?

Could North Korea nuke Australia? (Yes, but don’t worry) Crikey DAVID DONALDSON | APR 12, 2013 It’s not completely impossible” that North Korea could deliver a nuclear warhead to Australia — although the rogue state may not have the technical capacity to do so and would have no particular reason to target us, experts have told Crikey. And they’ve warned we should probably be more worried about a nuclear exchange elsewhere…..(subscription only )

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VIDEO: Risk of a miscalculation triggering nuclear attack – the North Korean situation

see-this.wayVIDEO Minor flare up could trigger nuclear response, warns expert BY:THE AUSTRALIAN, IAN MCPHEDRAN, NATIONAL DEFENCE REPORTER WITH AGENCIES

THE key risk on the Korean peninsula is a miscalculation or the ”Dr Strangelove scenario” where a crazy North Korean general pushes the wrong button, according to a strategic expert.

Professor Hugh White from the Australian National University said the regime in Pyongyang would be in no doubt that a nuclear strike against the US or its allies would generate a rapid and disproportionate nuclear response from Washington.

He said the main threat was a miscalculation or a rapid escalation in hostilities following a minor military incident such as an artillery strike.

”At least we don’t face the Cold War situation where any launch would trigger a massive nuclear response by the other side,” Professor White said.

During the 1950s and 60s that strategy was known by the acronym MAD – mutually assured destruction……

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Southern hemisphere’s biggest wind farm opened in Victoria

wind-turb-smAustralia’s biggest wind farm – the vital statistics By    12 April 2013  Macarthur wind farm – the largest in Australia and the southern hemisphere – was officially opened in south western Victoria on Friday by the local member and state premier Denis Napthine. The 420MW wind farm, built at a cost of $1 billion by AGL Energy and New Zealand company Meridian, is the biggest single investment in renewable energy in the country since the Snowy Mountain hydro project was completed in the 1970s, the companies say. Continue reading

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Fukishima’s radioactive water, 400 tons a day, may be dumped in the Pacific

water-radiationBloomberg: Radioactive water from Fukushima reactors to be dumped in Pacific? “It’s obvious they can’t keep storing it forever”
 Title:Title: Tepco Faces Decision to Dump Radioactive Water in Pacific Ocean
Source: Bloomberg
Author: Tsuyoshi Inajima
Date: Apr 11, 2013

[Tepco]’s discovery of leaks in water storage pits at the wrecked Fukushima atomic station raises the risk the utility will be forced to dump radioactive water in the Pacific Ocean.

Leaks were found in three of seven pits in the past week, reducing the options for moving contaminated water from basements of reactor buildings. […]

Not Ruled Out

Officials at the utility known as Tepco, including President Naomi Hirose, have said the company will not “easily” release radiated water into the ocean, indicating it’s not ruling out the possibility if it runs out of storage.

“It’s obvious Tepco cannot keep storing water forever as it increases by 400 tons a day,” said Hideyuki Ban, co-director of the antinuclear group Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center. That’s why the company won’t rule out discharge into the sea, Ban said in a telephone interview. […]
See also: Tepco: It’s ‘really impossible’ for us to keep storing liquid from Fukushima reactors — We need to think about discharging it into ocean (VIDEO)

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America’s scandalous history of radiation experiments on people

Contaminated Nation. Inhuman Radiation Experiments, CounterPunch, by JOHN LaFORGE, 12 Aprl 13,  This year marks the 20th anniversary of the declassification of top secret studies, done over a period of 60 years, in which the US conducted 2,000 radiation experiments on as many as 20,000 vulnerable US citizens.[i] Continue reading

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Victoria’s Premier Napthine hypocritically toes the fossil fuel line on wind energy

I love them, but we can’t have them everywhere: Premier on wind farms, The Age, Tom Arup, 13 April 13,  Premier Denis Napthine has declared his personal love for wind turbines, but says his government’s restrictions to where they can be built won’t change….. ”

I think they are majestic, and I actually love them.”..
A review by the National Health and Medical Research Council found in 2009 that there was no published scientific link between wind farms and adverse health impacts. The council is now updating its review to
be released later this year.
A report by Sydney University public health expert Professor Simon Chapman this year concluded heath impacts attributed to wind farmswere more likely the result of alarm caused by activists circulating health warning.

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Australia’s carbon emissions way down,as renewable energy rises

carbon-tax-factsAustralian CO2 emissions hit 10-year low, Climate Spectator, 

 12 April 13, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation have fallen to a 10-year low as coal-fired power slumped to its lowest level in a decade, a new report says.

At the same time, the share of renewable energy in the National Electricity Market (NEM) has soared beyond 12 per cent and looks set to continue rising. Continue reading

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Wind Energy in Australia threatened if Coalition wins September election

Liberal-policy-1Vestas says lack of certainty will kill wind energy in Australia REneweconomy, By  on 9 April 2013 The CEO of Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturer, has reiterated his call for certainty over the country’s renewable energy policies, saying that lingering doubts would “kill” a capital intensive industry such as wind energy.

“I know you guys have an election in September.  We will need to see what happens after the election……. Continue reading

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